Tis’ The Season & Quick Health Update

Hey Everyone,

It’s early Saturday morning and I thought I’d send out a quick blog. Had a restless time last night. Starting to feel sharp pains and alot of discomfort throughout the night from my urology surgery that I had on Monday.

I had been doing pretty well the 1st three days after my surgery. Even with my extreme swelling in and around my surgical areas,I surprisingly wasn’t experiencing too much major pain on those first few days.

However today seems like it will not be so good. I don’t know for sure if it might be related to some internal pain medication that might be wearing off when the surgery was performed or it they are just healing pains? Also, seems like I’m having some bleeding showing up around my incisions. Those incisions had been pretty clear the other days?

As long as my condition doesn’t get any worse than what I’m experiencing rightvnow, I will probably tough it out throughout the rest of the weekend and if necessary contact my urology surgeon at the beginning of next week if I still having significant pain and discomfort and to discuss any other concerns about my recovery.

Hate to go to the ER prematurely as staff this Holiday weekend would be limited and not sure if they would have the specialized expertise to know if what I’m experiecing right now is normal for this operative procedure. I woyld rather discuss directly with my surgeon.

Promise to just rest and take it easy over the remainder of this weekend and see how I feel next week.

As a side note, I went ahead and put up my outdoor Christmas lights yesterday to hopefully get into the Holiday spirit. Much simpler display on my RV and surrounding area than the elaborate lights and decor’ that Terry and I used to do on our former Dallas home. The good thing with living this simpler life now is that it doesn’t take long to put things up and them to take them down after the holidays!

Have a great rest of your weekend!

Luv, Gary

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