Taking Time To Recognize Someone for Great Service

Hey All,

Good Morning.  Often times it is human tendency to take the time to make a complaint against a person or agency than it is for people to take the time to recognize someone or an organization when they do something good.  I am of the nature to prefer to do the latter as I don’t think we do enough of these types of actions.  I at this stage in my life would rather look a things in my life in a more positive manner ( a glass half full than half empty).  I think by reflecting on life in this positive manner is what helps to keep us moving forward and to embrace our life and the assist others around us to do likewise.

Having stated the above, I awoke this morning to take the time to compose the letter of appreciation below to be submitted by me tomorrow to the Veterans Administration Hospital in Tampa pertaining to the great medical care that I received from one of their staff nurses


To: Hospital Administrator, James A. Haley Veteran’s Hospital

Thru:  Nursing Manager (Ward 4 South)

I am a retired U.S. Army Medical Services Corps Officer of 22 years. While in that capacity I performed duties as a pharmacy officer, aeromedical evacuation pilot, airfield commander, regional medical comptroller, hospital administrator and I also played an integral role within the Department of Defense in developing the early stages of the military Tricare program.

On Monday, November 19, 2018 I underwent a difficult urology operation at your facility and was then transported to Ward 4 South for 24-hour observation before being discharged from your hospital on Tuesday, November 20, 2018.

I was totally impressed with the professionalism, responsiveness, compassion and level of knowledge that your entire medical staff displayed throughout my stay. It was by far the best care that I have received by any hospital for any medical treatment that I have undergone thus far in my life.

I want to take the time to specifically recognize the quality of care that I received from your day staff nurse, Cally Graniero while on Ward 4 South. Nurse Graniero displayed outstanding professionalism and exhibited the highest level of bed side manners while caring for me during my stay. Despite short nursing staff, Nurse Graniero remained totally responsive to all my medical needs and portrayed genuine compassion for my post-operative condition. Nurse Graniero ensured that I was comfortable at all times, performed the appropriate medical care that I required while on the ward and keep me abreast of all administrative procedures to be accomplished prior to my discharge. She also was very comprehensive in reviewing with me all follow-up care needed and precautions that I should take when at home to ensure successful and speedy recovery from my recent surgical procedure.

Although nursing and ancillary medical staff generally have a desire to care for their patients, sometimes due to under-staffing conditions and the need to handle so much administrative paperwork, they sometimes lose site of remaining responsive to patient needs. At no time did any other responsibilities of Nurse Graniero distract her from going the extra mile in overseeing my care in an efficient and effective manner.

Unfortunately, the Veterans Administration sometimes gets a bad rap from veterans pertaining to their ability to access and to receive quality care. This has not been the case with me since enrolling into your facility. It is also unfortunate that most times there is a greater propensity for patients to generate complaints about care received than there is to take the time to recognize staff that have performed outstanding care. I wanted to take the time to recognize Nurse Graniero and to ensure that her supervisor and all others in her chain of command at this medical facility are aware of this remarkable nurse.

I highly recommend that nurse Graniero be positively recognized by her supervisors for the outstanding performance of her nursing duties. She is a great asset to your facility and significantly contributes to the success of The James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital.


Gary S. Drabczuk (LTC, Retired-U.S. Army)

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