Post Surgery Update

Hey Everyone

Generally don’t like to post too many “Debbie Downer” blogs, but to be quite honest, I have not felt very well over the past 4 days. I still have alot of swelling in the areas affected by my urology surgery (which I think has gotten a bit worse) The pain I am currently experiencing is a constant and achy pain resulting in alot of discomfort. The first 4 days since my surgery (last Tuesday thru Friday) I felt relatively okay, but I have gotten a bit worse since then. So, I have been been staying pretty much in my RV and just trying to rest and to remain as comfortable as I can.

I have placed a call to my Urology Surgeon to discuss my progress, but he is at the VA Hospital only on limited days and not sure when he will get the message and return my call. In the meantime, I am going to try to grunt and bare it one more day, but if I don’t hear back from him by this evening, I am going to go to the ER at the Veterans Hospital very early in the AM on Wednesday, since I have two scheduled appointments there beginning at 9 Am for hand and foot fracture follow-up and also primary care. In this way I am only having to make one drive there which is tough enough. My next scheduled Urology follow-up appointment isn’t until Thursday December 6th. That clinic only does follow up appointments on Thursdays. Might get it moved till this Thursday (if an appointment opens up), but right now they’re fully booked.

So, while I sit here resting in my RV, at least it’s pleasant and I feel a little Christmas in the air as I enjoy my 4 live plants and other simple decorations.

The weather is supposed to get down to the mid 40’s tonight and to do likewise over the next few days. Although not freezing, I am considering bringing my tropical plants into my RV (or should I say temporary greenhouse) for a few days. In this way they can share the warm space with me rather than to renain in the cold. After all they are living creatures too and I would hate to lose them as all are thriving so nicely and I’d like them to live on!

I guess about all for now.

P.S. Just brought my plants into my RV and arranged them so that they aren’t over-bearing. Have plenty of room for them and for me! May just leave them in here for the winter rather than moving them in and out too often as nights will continue to get a bit colder the next few month. Besides will be spending more time inside than outside during this time of year and it would be nice to enjoy them.

Have a great rest of your day.

Luv, Gary

3 thoughts on “Post Surgery Update

  1. It sounds like you have been through the mill with health conditions – so sorry! UTIs can be so painful so I can sort of empathize although we have different equipment… I will read some more to find what else has been ailing you. Roll on 2019! Health, hope and Happiness!


    • Yep, I been thru the mill as you stated. Gone from one health issue into the next
      Bacterial infection on right side of my face, broken right foot, broken right hand, 2 urology surgeries in the last 6 weeks. Feel like sh–! I’ve tried to get out when I can and disguise my issues and smile when with others, but truly I have been still hurting all over, with the worst being the urology issues, which needless to say is a sensitive area to deal with. I am hoping for some improvement soon!!! Quality of life has been tough right now, despite my “fake” Cheery demenor and smiles when. I do get out. Just don’t want to be a Debbie Downer when I am out with people. No need to make them have a bad time.

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      • Oh Gary, it sounds like your immune system has taken a beating as well. Would it be better to go stay with your brother and stay off the social scene for a while. Sometimes we just need to relax without a smile on our faces. People have lots of germs too!
        When I need to recover from illness, I just take it easy. I really do empathize about the level of pain, having had so many UTI’s. Sending you a big virtual hug. K x


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