Homebound For The Holidays

Hey All,

Have been a little bit down today.

My recovery from my my Urology Surgery last Monday has not been going so good. The first three days after returning home last week, I felt pretty good other than having the usual swelling after undergoing that type of intrusive operation.

However, since last Friday and thru today, I have been feeling horrible. Some of the swelling in certain areas has gone down, but in other areas it has gotten much worse and more tender. It seems more problematic at night when I try to go to sleep. Despite taking strong pain pills (which I generally don’t like to do) the pain continues to be constant and sharp. Surprisingly, the only time I feel a slight relief is when I take a warm shower in the mornings.

Yesterday morning (Wednesday) I went to the ER at the Tampa VA, since I felt so uncomfortable. They medical staff took some blood work and a urine sample to rule out any nfection. They then contacted the urology departmemt who sent down a couple of doctors (not my actual surgeon who wasn’t there)) to examine me. They saw the areas where the swelling was most prevelant and wanted me to keep certain areas elavated via a use of a jock strap and to cushion it with “chucks” which is one of those throw-away pads used on hospital beds to help reduce sensitivity. They also ordered me some more pain pills and a heating pad. Off I went down the hospital hallways, looking like a “pregnant” man with all that padding. How humiliating!

On a bright side, did also see my Ortho Doctor yesterday and got new X-Rays taken on my foot and hand fractures. The nones are healing nicely and it is anticipated that I will be free of both casts provided my final X-Rays look good when I return for hopefully my last follow-up visit in about 3 weeks.

My preference would have been to stay in the hospital for a few days under observation until some of the pain and swelling subsided, but since I was stable and my vitals normal, they preferred that I continue to recover at home.

So today here I sit yet another day in pain, watching TV and continuing to keep warm by my fireplace as we have been experiencing a little cold spell. Last night, my lack of sleep and my constant discomfort was no better than the day before. At least I made my little space a bit more cheery since I am pretty much stuck to stay in here all day and rest.

Each day, after I take my warm morning shower and sit on the beige chair as shown in the picture below as I change my dressings, I think back to the past when Terry would sit in that very same chair as I got my basket of supplies and changed his urostomy bag and other dressings. Now it is me sitting in that same seat as both patient and caretaker.

As you all know, I like to be active. However, I know that it will be a good 2 months or longer before I can return back to the gym or to ride my bike (both of which I look forward to do each day).

Also, because of the way I’m currently feeling, I had to unfortunately cancel a weekend trip with “Beau” to Saint Augustine where we were going to enjoy the spectacular holiday lights and Christmas shows they were having there. As for my meetup group activities, I have signed up for so many of them over the next few weeks. However, I know that until I feel a bit better, I will unfortunately have to cancel out on attending many of them.

As for Christmas, my family will not be getting together this year as we have done in the past. My older brother and his wife are going on a cruise and my younger brother is unable to travel to me from his home with my Mom as he has to attend to some medical procedures there and naturely, it is too difficult for me to travel long distances due to my current condition.

So for the most part I will remain “homebound” for the Holidays this year, just praying that I fully recover and get well soon.

Luv, Gary

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