Christmas Boat Parade in Saint Petersburg Beach, Florida (Part 1)

Hey All,

Despite my current medical problems I had to get out for a little while last night with my Tampa Bay Adventurer friends. I wag going stir crazy sitting home. Needed a social break!

At Horan Park in Saint Petersburgh Beach my group of friends met early last evening for an informal picnic and to watch the boat parade together which was nice. The weather was perfect for a December night in Florida.

I sat with Santa and told him that’s all I wanted for Christmas was to make all my medical problems go away and to get me heathy again so I feel no more pain, can go back to the gym, ride my bike and enjoy going out with no physical limitations.

Part of the group that I could quickly gather. We actually had about 100 people show up last night.

Night wouldn’t be complete without visiting my good friend Frosty the Snowman”

Photo of christmas Tree taken from my truck window that was on MacDill Air Force Base as I was returning home last evening.

Did one more short video clip of the Boat Parade that I will post with same Blog title, but with (Part 2) indicated at the end of the title. Enjoy!

Have a nice rest of your weekend.

Luv Gary

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