Some Things Never Change!

Several weeks ago the letter and post card below was forwarded to me from my old friend Dawana, that I got to know while attending ROTC basic training at Fort Bragg in Fayetteville, North Carolina back in 1978. We were both in the same ROTC training unit back then.

In the above photo, Dawana is the girl in the middle in the white dress and I’m the guy in the brown plad shirt in the middle behind her. This is a copy of the original photo taken in 1978

Several years after that ROTC training camp , I sent Dawana that short letter and post card while stationed in South Korea in 1983 & 1984. (That’s the picture of the correspondence I posted above).

Since then, I lost touch with Dawana after all those many years. However shortly after Terry died in September of 2017, I happen to come accross Dawana’s old address and to my surprise I found out that she was back in Florida living in her old childhood home with her elderly Mother which was only a 1 hour ride from me in Tampa.

So one day, I decided to take a drive to Dawana’s home to see her and to catch up. I can’t believe that I hadn’t seen Dawana for 40 years!

The photo above was taken by me in September 2017.

Dawana has since moved with her elderly Mom to a new home in Georgia. However, a couple of weeks ago Dawana had returned to her previous home in Florida to prep it for sale. While sorting out her things, she happened to come accross the old letter and post cards that I sent to her over 35 years ago. I couldn’t believe she had kept these two letters all those years!

Whike re-reading what I written back then, I realized in that note that I had broken the same foot bone that I fractured just a couple of months ago!.

I’ve always had brittle bones despite being so active. Since I have osteopenia and osteomalcia I am subject to easily fracturimg my bones which I have broken so many timed throughout my lifetime. It certainly doesn’t help that I am also somewhat accident prone and clumsy by nature!

It was so nice of Dawana to have saved those old letters that I wrote to jer so many years ago. as it brought back fond memories!

Some things just never change. It seems that during a good portion of my life I have been subject to moving around while in one type of cast or another. However, I’ve learned to cope with it. That’s just life!

P.S. Some day I’ll write about an interesting experience I had in Tokoyo, Japan when I traveled there back in 1983 while still wearing the walking cast on my foot from my injury in Korea.

Have a great rest of your week!

Luv, Gary

9 thoughts on “Some Things Never Change!

  1. What an amazing experience, Gary! She was a very pretty girl back then, and she is a good-looking woman now. You, on the other hand, have stayed just as handsome as you look on that photo, broken bones or not.
    Be well, my friend, and stay well! Speedy recovery!


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