Boat Parade in Treasure Island with TBA!

Hey All,

Sorry I haven’t blogged for the past week or so, but been a bit “down in the dumps” with my on- going heath issues. Still much pain and inflamation now lasting for over a month! Every so often, when a get a few momentts when my pain subsides for a bit, I try to get out there to embrace the moment.

Last Sunday evening I particpated in a Christmas boat parade in Treasure Island with my Tampa Bay Aventurers (TBA) group. We were one of about 100 boats that entered into that contest. Had about 90 of us all together from the group on our boat.

Going to post a few photos from that event for your enjoyment. I tried to keep myself and all my other fellow TBA’s “Merry” throughout the evening! I think I succeeded!

We came in 4th place! Not bad for 100 boats in the competition!

I might also post a couple of short youtube videos from this event in a seperate post, so watch out for them!! Have a great rest of your weekend!

Luv Gary

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