Holiday Mixer at Ruth Chris Steakhouse on the Eve before Christmas Eve

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had a nice Christmas. Mine was okay despite my current medical challenges.

As I mentioned in my last blog, my friend Beau drove here to Tampa from Melbourne, FL to spend the Christmas holidays with me. She figured I could use some company especially since I’ve been couped up in my RV for the past 5 weeks trying to recover from my surgeries.

In past years, my immediate family usually got together for Christmas, but this year was an exception.

My older brother Jan and his wife Gail were on a 10-day cruise. My younger brother Randy has been under-going some medical treatments so it was too hard for him and my mother to come here to see me in Tampa. Likewise with my current medical condition it was also too difficult for me to travel 6 hours to the Fort Walton Beach area to be with them.

Attaching a quick photo of my Mom taken by my brother on Christmas eve by his Christmas Tree. My Mom seems to look younger and younger each year. Can’t believe she’ll be 96 years old in mid March!

It was so nice for Beau to take the time to drive here to Tampa. I had a lot of activities tentatively planned for this past weekend, but was concerned that with the ups and down of my medical condition with constant swelling and sproradic episodes of severe pain from my recent surgeries, I wasn’t sure how many of these events we’d actually be able to attend.

Luckily Beau is such an understanding person and she didn’t care one way or another if we went to these holiday events or if we just sat around and relaxed in my RV watching movies for the weekend.

Beau arrived here on Saturday afternoon and that night we were able to partake in a few hours of fun in downtown Tampa with one of my meetup groups at the Tampa Bay annual Christmas Boat Parade (see previous blog). Unfortunately at about 9 PM when my pain became more intense we had to curtail our evening and return back home.

On Sunday evening we went to a Holiday Mixer at Ruth Chris Steak House with my Tampa Bay Adventurers group. About 70 people attended. This was followed by a short walk to see some of the Christmas lights in downtown Saint Petersburg. Luckily that evening I survived the night!

Unfortunately on Christmas Eve we were supposed to go out with a small group of people to attend a musical religious service, but we had to cancel out at the last moment since my pain intensity became too severe to attend.

On Christmas Day were supposed to attend a Christmas buffett with some friends at a restaurant on the beach from 2 to 4 PM. Beau was then planning on driving back to Melbourne later thatvafternoon to beat the holiday traffic. Once again on Christmas Day, my condition did not make it suitable for me to make the one hour drive to where we were to meet everyone as I woke up in a lot of pain again. So around mid day Beau left back for Melbourne and I rested up for the rest of the afternoon.

It’s a bit frustrating that my activities these days are still a bit limited and I have to assess my condition each day and to then make a decision of which events I can handle and which ones would be too problematic for me to attend. Hopefully, I’ll start seeing signs of improvement soon. It’s been a long and hard recovery.

The rest of this blog contains some photos from the Sunday evening Holiday mixer. Enjoy!

Having some fun with Beau’s fur coat! Playing the part of an Ape!

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