Christmas Light Show At The Botanical Gardens in Largo, Florida

Good morning fellow bloggers

As you know with my on-going health issues, it’s been hit or miss on which social events I have felt comfortable in attending. It has really depended on how much discomfort (pain and swelling) I am experiencing on a particular day. It’s been a bit frustrating, as I have canceled out of so many fun events these past 2 months. However, I am trying to get out when I can so I don’t become too depressed just staying in my RV all the time. It’s been a challenge for me I will admit as my quality of life has become extremely limited (at least for now). I keep trying to remind myself that there are others out there that have conditions much worse than me. Terry’s previous fight and positive attitude to try to keep going on until the end with the spread of his cancer and all the pain and discomfort and disappointing prognosis he kept receiving from his medical staff despite aggressive treatments was something that I keep reminding myself about and it has given me strength to try to keep moving on despite my frustration.

On this past Thursday, 12/26 I attended an uplifting Christmas event with my Tampa Bay Adventurers Group at the Botanical Gardens in Largo, Florida. This was followed by a visit to a place called “Crabby Bill’s” for a few beers with some of my TBA friends. Luckily, I survived the night and managed to stay around for a while without too many health issues. I cherish those moments when I can make it thru the night.

Unfortunately this weekend has not been as good. The pain, swelling and discomfort has again become problematic, so I am just sticking around my RV and praying my condition improves soon.

Enjoy the video and the pictures I’ve included from Thursday night’s event. The weather was perfect, about 68 degrees. Couldn’t ask for a better night than that!

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