Christmas Has Become A Lot Simpler..What A Difference 5 Year Makes!

Hey All,

Happy Sunday. For you guys up north or in other colder climates, it is a beautiful day here in Tampa, Florida. It’s sunny and right now at 3 PM it’s in the high 70’s low 80’s!

Thiscweekend my pain level from my recent surgeries is much improved. Thank God!! I was able to do a light workout at the gym both mornings and yesterday afternoon, I was able to mow my lawn. In the evenings I have just relaxed and chose not to do any meetups this weekend. Have generally been more selective in what to go to socially, a lot has to do how I feel on a particular day. Don’t want to go to events when miserable and ruin other people’s fun. I think that if things continue to move in the positive direction, I hopefully might be able to gradually do more things over time.

As for Christmas decorating, as my title states…now much simpler to do now than in years past. Currently, it takes only 30 minutes to put up and 30 minutes to take down.

Oh, but how I remember those days in our former home in Dallas, TX ! Terry and I would begin designing our annual Christmas show right after January 1 for the forthcoming season. Then we would have all our Christmas decorations pulled out by September 1 and the boxes would be strategically positioned throughout our house so we could begin prepping things. Then, once the outside Halloween decorations came down, the Christmas Holiday decorating fun would begin. We generally spent 8 to 10 hours each day working on decorating 22 Christmas trees, building large Christmas figures (always new and different each year), connecting a number of circuit breaker auxiliary boxes each with 38 different electrical prongs and attaching strands of lights to them and then holly around the light stands to get ready to mount them initially on the highest of peaks on our home and roof top and then working downward. The work became so dangerous as our peaks and roof slope was quite steep that we even had to rent a cherry picker to secure these things properly and safely so when high windy conditions developed things wouldn’t come toppling down. We used over 400 extension cords to run our 1 hour (continuous) light show comprised of 10 different holiday songs (always a different theme each year). I would also pre-record a message that Terry and I would develop to be used at the beginning of each continuous cycle of our show were we would welcome everyone and let people know what the theme of that year’s show would entail ( i.e. International Christmas where displays and favorite Christmas songs from around the world would be played in their particular language; Theme dedicated to all thecfavorite Disney cartoon characters; Theme highlighting an over-whelming number of Christmas trees all decorated differently that were designed to move impressively with the music; Theme focusing snowmen and a spectacular winter wonderland, etc. You hopefully get the picture. So, let the lines of cars start coming thru our neighborhood to enjoy the fruits of our labor and our creativity for the holidays.

In 2013 (the year of our last show) we did a huge charity celebration in our neighborhood which I orchestrated in support of families who had unfortunate incidents in that particular year such as a major house fire, loss of a job by the family bread winner, loss sudden death of a parent or child, ect. We has over 500 people show up that evening and collected over 1,000 toys, cash of about 15,000 and a truck load of non,-perishable canned goods for the less fortunate. We got great support from the City of Dallas, the police department and local vendors in the surrounding areas that donated food. We had all kinds of fun holiday activities and Santa was there for the kids. It was alot of work, but well worth it, knowing we could make a difference in the lives of less fortunate families in a challenging year.

We ran our annual Christmas show from 6 PM to 10 PM from Thanksgiving night thru New Years eve. Then the work would begin again for several weeks to dismantle everything, box things up and get them stored in their rightful places. Thank God our house had a lot of large storage areas!

The only main regret of all these shows, is that I have no videos or photos to show you. Somewhere, Terry did some videos and photos of the Christmas show, but I have no idea where he stored them? Someday I hope to find them.

All I can show you for now to give you an appreciation of our Holiday decor, is a bunch of photos I took in the fall of 2015 when we did several garage sales to get rid of everything we had for pennies on a dollar at the time when we were aggressively down-sizing for the simpler RV lifestyle. Ah..such found memories. I am glad that our Christmas stuff is now being enjoyed by so many other families.

I wish you all the best in 2019!



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