Cup By Fractional Cup

Hey Everyone,

Things with my health continue to progress in a positive direction especially over the last couple of days.

When I saw my surgeon last Thursday he felt that things were progressing well and that I could begin doing activities as tolerated.

Although far from perfect yet (estimate it will still take a good 2 months more) I have resumed going back to the gym to do light workouts and on Sunday afternoon I started to get back on my bike to gradually get more acclimated to riding again. My goal is to try to get back to pedaling 25 miles per day by February 1. On Sunday I pedaled 8 miles, yesterday I increased it to 10 miles and today I did 12 1/2 miles. So far so good. The photo below represents my cup count to date: The 1 st cup represents my first 25 miles, the second cup on the side represents the residual miles that I have pedaled over the first 25 miles, namely 5 1/2 miles.

Soon I will have my pyramid of cups standing tall again like I previously was able to do before all my health problems developed. Time will tell?

Have a great night!

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