Happy Birthday Beau ! It’s Your Big Day !

Hey All,

Today is Beau’s Birthday ! I’m not going to tell you which one, as that’s not important and not nice to let everyone know without Beau’s permission. So, let ‘s just say that on this special day… Beau is truly greatful to be alive yet one more year and contnuing to enjoy life!

I met Beau about 1 year ago while I was residing at Patrick Air Force Base in Cocoa Beach. Beau is a kind and thoughtful person and a genuine and supportive friend. I am grateful to have met her and have truly enjoyed doing many activities with her over this past year.

As a tribute to Beau on her birthday, I went through all my photos from last January 2018 until present and I have selected some photos from each activity that we did together and I’m going to post them chronologically below for Beau and all her blogger friends to enjoy!

Have a wonderful birthday Beau!



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