A Brief Glimpse At My Past

Hey Fellow Bloggers,

I think you might be aware via several of Terry’s past blogs, that I formerly was a Medical Services Corps Officer in the U.S. Army for 22 years. I retired from active duty in 2001.

Although I held a number of different positions of responsibility throughout my career in many different locations stateside and overseas, I want’d to share just a small segment of my military time with you in this particular blog.

Back in the late 80’s while I had been assigned as an Aeromedical Evacuation Pilot and Assistant Airfield Commander in Germany for 4 years, I was supposed to return back to the states after that duty assignment to take on another command in Colorado Springs.

However, just 2 weeks before I was to depart Germany for Colorado, I got a call from Washington and asked if I would be willing to deploy to The Republic of Panama instead of Colorado Springs to take Command of the Medevac unit there as things were heating up in that country with the corrupt dictator Manual Noreiga still being in charge. As a young Captain at that time, I gladly accepted that challenge.

Once reaching Panama and taking command of the unit there, it had only be about 3 weeks when the U.S. Invasion of Panama occurred know as “Operation Just Cause” to oust the corrupt dictator out of Panama out of Panama and to re-establish democracy to that country.

A few months ago, when I was visiting my younger brother Randy and my Mom in the Panama Beach area of FL, I came upon a small box of momentos that Terry had apparently left there for safekeeping. In that box was a picture of me flying back to home base in Panama in my helicopter after a Medevac mission.

The second attachment below is a synopsis of what the unit I commanded accomplished in just several days in support of Operation Just Cause.

Thought you all might enjoy reading it. Sorry the print is so small as I had to take a picture of the document. Hopefully you can enlarge it on your screens.

Have a great day!


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