Going Under The Knife Again!

Hey All,

Remember the bacterial infection I had developed on the right side of my face several months ago.

The infection is now gone, but it caused some permanent scars to my face in 3 different areas, the worst being on the side of my nose.

I met with the plastic surgeon at the VA last Saturday for a consult. After reviewing my case he has scheduled me for plastic surgery to first fix the scar on my nose and then once that area heals will focus on the other spots on my face, so I will be a work in progress.

The surgeon said he will have to cut deep to properly fix the area on my nose and he will have to put me under anesthesia when doing the actual surgery. He will have to take soft tissue from another part of my face to do a skin graft in the main surgical area. So, I will have some stitches to deal with for awhile.

My surgery is scheduled for March 12, 2019 but I am trying to get the first phase of my surgery done earlier if an opening comes up as I’d like to get this all done before it gets too hot down here in sunny Florida.

I guess no Hollywood acting auditions for awhile. I’ll have to stick to my selfie blogging videos for now. Oh well!

Have a great rest of your day!


8 thoughts on “Going Under The Knife Again!

  1. Dear Gary, I get the impression that you have sufficiently recovered from your surgical adventures to start planning surgery in order to make pretty! Just kidding, of course, but I am glad you are feeling better!


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