Cards Against Humanity! Have You Ever Played It?

Hey everyone,

A few weeks ago I joined another meetup group that gets together over a few beers every few weeks to play the game “Cards Against Humanity”.

I’ve included a you tube video about the game above that was played on The Ellen Show. It doesn’t give you the details of how to play, but gives you the general idea. There are a lot of videos out there about the game if you want to goggle it to learn more.

Basically the game is a fun party game played by uninhibited people (usually over a few beers) who don’t get easily offended by some less desirable sketchy language or phrases. Remember….it’s all for fun.

So, for the first meetup, I met the initial members of the group at a local microbrewery in Tampa.

After we all ordered our first beers and briefly introduced ourselves we began playing. It was a great way to have some fun with a new group of people and to blow off a little steam.

This is Jorge (George) who organized the new group and who has a full collection of all kinds of games that we can possibly play in the future if we get tired of playing “Cards Against Humanity”

The hand that I photo’d above with all the stickers was actually the hand of a local councilman in Tampa who played the game with us.

One of the answer cards ironically had my name on it. What was the chances that I randomly selected that one for the 7 initial cards I had to pick from the pile!

Oh well…fun had by all among a group of new found friends. Until next time!

Have a great weekend.

12 thoughts on “Cards Against Humanity! Have You Ever Played It?

  1. Played it? I own it… and all it’s expansion packs! Plus Crabs Against Humidity, Humanity Hates the Holidays, Guards Against Insanity and Humanity Hates Trump. We never stop laughing.


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