The Big Parade and Big Decisions to Eventually Make

Hey Everyone,

Last week I went to the Annual RV Show at the Florida Fairgrounds in Tampa, FL. It is the largest RV show in the southeast with quite a selection of motorized RV’s (Class A, B, B+ and C’s), 5th Wheels, Trailers and Park Homes to choose from.

I went there with the intent to get some ideas of what I might consider doing in the future. No plan to by anything on the spot!

For now I am very content with living here in my current RV on MacDill Air Force Base. It’s feels like home. The base has so many great amenities available to me to use and the location is very accessible to downtown Tampa, Saint Pete and the beaches of course and I have made a lot of friends in the area through all my meetups. The only thing that I don’t like is that every six months I have to move my RV out of the park for 30 days before I can return for another 6 months. This is to not let people homestead here and make it a permanent living situation. I hate moving my 5th wheel as it is very difficult to maneuver as my truck only has a short bed making turns and backing up so difficult to do.

Since I have already downsized from my previous 4,000 square foot home in Dallas to my current RV and do not miss the huge house, I think that someday I could even downsize more into a Class B+, which is basically a wider van and much easier to move around. Ease of mobiliy for me is paramount. I want to be able to get up and go with ease and to be able to park my home anywhere either in an official RV park or to be self- sustain to just park my RV on the side of a road, by a lake, a mountain, a forest or in your driveway when a pay you a surprise visit (LoL)!

One of the RV’s I liked at the recent RV show was the Airstream Atlas “Tommy Bahama” version which is pretty pricey (around $ 220 K) but very slick and had a slide out and a full size bathroom (which is rare in class B’s). The main living room felt more spacious than most other Van’s as it has a Murphy bed, that once pit back up against the wall you have your full couch to sit and relax on. Below are a couple of photos of the Airsteam I liked.

The Murphy bed (queen size) is right behind the wall with the mirrorand extremely easy to set up.

Has a full circular shower and separate toilet and vanity which is a big plus!

There were a few other Class B+ RVs that were slightly less in price (around $ 150 K), but nothing as nice as the Airsteam Atlas.

Another option I’m thinking about is to consider purchasing a park model home which is pretty efficient with a open kitchen and spacious living room space, a full bathroom and a bedroom and a nice front porch. The total square footage is under 500 square feet. The problem is that here in Florida, in most RV parks you have to rent the land space for coordinating and for moving a park model to it. Very hard to just plank a park model anywhere that would have all the infrastructure in place. However even though you arecrenting a space it does cover full access to use all the amenities offered in the complex, includes the association paying the property taxes, upkeeping grounds, prividing security services and incliding most utilities, except your electricity which is metered. These park homes are very reasonable and only cost about $ 60,000 to $ 90,000. The Also, most of the Resorts offer a place to store your RV for a reasonable additional cost. Below a a few photos of a park model. This one only cost $69,000 turn key:

Time will tell what I eventially decide to do but no immediate rush for now. My dream would be to find a perfect location that I like that is convenient to everything. Then to purchase a small yet upscale park home to call my permanent home and to get it moved and properly installed in the park. Then to trade in my 5th wheel for a sleek motorized RV van to store on the site and to hop into anytime I please when I want to get on the road and “live the adventure”! One last thing….someday I will still need to make arrangements to move my POD stored in Dallas to wherever I choose to eventually live and to deside what I want to keep in my new place and to sell the rest of my stuff. Most of the things in that POD are brand new or of high quality. Terry and I previously sold 85 % of the stuff we owned in Dallas when we were getting ready to sell our home there, so this POD only represents 15 % of the remaining stuff.

Things will happen in the future concerning my overall quality of living the dream. I just need to do things thoughtfully.

Love, Gary

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