40 Years Ago & 1 Year Ago Two Angels Ascended To Heaven

Friday January 25th, 2019 marked the 40th anniversary of my dear Grandmother’s passing . Ironically just one year ago, on that very same day and month (January 25th) my beloved Aunt Mary, my grandmother’s youngest child also ascended to Heaven. It’s as if God chose that exact month and day but in different years to call these two Angel’s to the gates of heaven.

Babci (as we fondly called my grandmother) was my mother Stacia’s mom and my Aunt Mary was my mother’s younger sister.

I have such fond memories of these two wonderful women who were always so kind to everyone and who had such a positive impact on me especially during my early developmental years.

No matter how busy these two women were, they were always there to provide to me sound advice and assistance and to extend their unconditional love to me.

My Babci and my Aunt Mary’s even-temperment and uplifting spirit will always have such a special place in my heart. Until we reunite someday dear sweet ladies in ever-lasting life continue to shine down your radiant spirit upon me.

Love always, Gary

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