Part 3: Preparation Of The Pirate Ship For The Invasion

Hey All,

In this video, I walked down the Ballast Point Pier to the “Gasparilla” ship. Some of the pirates were doing preparatory work prior to the ship’s launch across Tampa Bay to the Convention Center where the Invasion will occur.

From what I was told, the ship can transport a maximum of 600 pirates. Thus, the other 150 pirates will transverse the Bay by other smaller vessels.

Just for your information: Although there are 750 pirates that actually participate in the invasion, there’s so many other “wanna be” pirates all over the city on “Gasparilla” day who have equally impressive costumes. The city will have at least 20,000 pirates to enhanced the atmosphere during this big event. “Tamponians” really get personally involved in “Gasparilla”. It’s a big deal!

I wanted to quickly walk the pier early so I could show you the pirate ship before all the pirates begin boarding. I then need to quickly get on my way so I can walk the 6 to 7 mile trip down Bayshore Boulevard. My goal is to make it to the Convention Center before the the Pirate Ship arrives and the battle begins.

The walk will naturally take me a lot longer to do than when riding along Bayshore on my bike! I definately got my exercise in for that day! Also, the 7 miles I walked to the Convention Center from Ballast Point will have to be done in reverse by me later in the day at the end of the event so I can get back to my truck!

I didn’t want to try to move the truck any closer to downtown Tampa as too many roads would be blocked off and it would be near to impossible to find suitable parking given the magnitude of people (estimated at over 300,000) that would be attending the event.

Note; Open up the link above to see some better photos of the actual pirate ship.

Picture of the Ballast Point Yacht Club from the pier.

Picture of the city of Tampa across the bay from the pier.

Place where I parked my Truck. Note the sign. Interesting that it has a restaurant in the park called “Taste of Boston” where I was originally from. No…today’s event has nothing to do with The Boston Tea Party…That naturally was a bit different event, for a different purpose at a different time frame!

Have a great rest of your day!


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