Part 4: The Pirate Invasion on Tampa on Gasparilla and Much More

Hey everyone. For Part 4 of my Gasparilla series, I am going to facilitate the services of my good friend Edward Kulinski who did a fabulous job filming (via drone) a good portion of the Pirate Invasion and other on-going festivities along Bayshore Boulevard on Gasparilla to include a quick glimpse of the 3 1/2 hour parade with over 125 beautiful floats. The video is about 18 minutes long but well worth watching.

At the beginning Ed and his crew speaks in their foreign language, but he was nice enough to include English sub titles. Most of the video has background music and Ed makes you feel that you are right their experiencing Gasparilla.

This video is excellent. I could never compete with Ed’s great job at filming this! Thank you Ed!

On my walk towards the Convention Center from the Ballast Point Pier, I had to stop about half way along my 7 mile route for this photo opportunity.

As I took this walk, I had a special bond with the neighborhoods along Bayshore Boulevard. After all this a large portion of my normal daily 25 mile biking route!

I wish I took more photos of the impressive million dollar mansions along Bayshore Boulevard during my walk towards the Convention Center. Almost every home on the bay has some sort of private Gasparilla Party going on with elaborate set-ups on their front lawns, some even hiring live bands and full blown catered meals and impressive decor’. It was unreal. The above photo doesn’t really show all this fanfare, but it shows a bunch of folks taking a group photo in front of their Bayshore home with their friends all celebrating together.

Just in front of the Convention Center and opposite the Bay where the Gasparilla Pirate Ship would ultimately dock after the invasion, was a large area of preferred seating where people played a hefty fee for special lunch and perfect view of the invasion.

This pirate looked like he just woke up from the dead!

Tomorrow, I’ll be showing you many photos of the floats along the Parade Route during the post-invasion celebration along with a surprise celebrity that snuck up on me during the parade and quickly put a special string of beads over my head. It happened so quickly that I missed the selfie photo opportunity. Shucks.

Enjoy the show.


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