Part 5: The Post-Invasion Victory Party and Gasparilla Parade

Hey All,

This is the final post on Gasparilla 2019 in Tampa, Florida.

In this post I will include 4 brief videos and a bunch of still photos of just some of the many floats in the 3 1/2 hour Gasparilla parade.

“Extra, Extra”: At the very end of this blog, I will reveal the celebrity guest who I briefly met at the parade. This person was the Grand Marshall and he caught me by surprise when he got of his vehicle a little ways back in the parade and before I knew it he walked right by me, shook my hand and put a set of beads over my head. He was moving so fast down the parade that I couldn’t react quick enough to get my camera set up to capture a personal picture. However, I down-loaded a few photos of him in case you don’t recognize this celebrity solely by his name.

After the parade there were many bands that would be providing live entertainment throughout the night at various locations throughout the city.

However, realizing that it was already 8 PM and that I had now been out and about for 14 hour and knowing, I still had a 7 mile ( 2 hour hike) ahead of me to walk back to where I originally parked my truck early that morning, I decided to call it a night. Enough celebrating for one day.

Enjoy the show!




Now…The Big Reveal. The celebrity I met was Mario Lopez. He was the Grand Marshall for the Gasparilla Parade of 2019!

The End

Hope you all enjoyed the Gasparilla experience!

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