Having fun with my “TBA” friends at “Paul’s Landing” at the famous Vinoy Hotel in St Pete

Hey everyone,

I had another marathon of social events that I attended this past weekend.

I’ll be blogging about each of these activities over the rest of this week.

I decided to take a day off from blogging on Monday to catch up on my sleep after after attending so many fun events.

The first activity that I’ll be blogging about today is the one year anniversary party I went to on this past Friday evening with my Tampa Bay Adventurers group at a place called “Paul’s Landing” located in the pool area of the historic “Vinoy Hotel” in downtown Saint Petersburg, Florida. We had over 120 people who attended from our group, but there was probably 500 people overall enjoying the comfortable 75 degree evening with picture perfect views of the vibrant Saint Pertersburg skyline.

Below I will include 2 “you tube” links. The first will give you a little history about the “Vinoy Hotel”. The second link will show you the exterior and interia elegance of this beautiful hotel. I would compare “The Vinoy” to the famous Beverly Hills Hotel in California. Quite impressive with a rich history.

If you ever have a chance to visit Saint Petersburg it would be worth your time to visit this beautiful hotel. You would not be dissappointed!


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