This Just Wasn’t Your Ordinary Walk in The Park!

Hey all,

To continue my marathon weekend of events I’ll discuss in this blog my trip to the Sawgrass Park and Nature Preserve in Saint Petersburg which I did bright and early with a group of my friends (about 30 of us) on this past Saturday morning. DON’T LET THE VIDEO ABOVE AND WHAT I SAiD IN IT FOOL YOU! Read on….

So, the plan was for all us guys to first have a “lite” potluck breakfast at a pavillion in the park and then to work off what we ate by hiking in the woods for a few hours. The day was perfect weather wise (low 70’s and sunny) !

As usual, this group goes all out….it was more than a lite breakfast! People brought so much food to share and alot of it was homemade. Quiche, Blueberry muffins, eggs and sausage, fresh bagels, donuts, all kinds of juices and fresh fruits and of course coffee and much more!!! Needless to say…nobody was going home starving and after breakfast we definitely needed to walk off what we ate!

Okay, so after eating we were on our way…. exercise! It’s music to my ears!

Selfie photo boomer below. I think he was related to that “water” girl who recently became famous by photo booming all those celebraties!

Okay…remember that alligator that I mentioned and that I showed you in my video above…I was wrong…it didn’t have breakfast yet like I had thought! As I veered from the group and walked towards the water to admire the scenery, I had no idea that a large alligator was lurking on the grassy area about 40 feet to the left of me! I had no idea what to do! I froze for a moment and then, using my quick thinking, I quickly climbed up a tree that was adjacent to me! I hope that alligators can’t climb trees! I was trapped and the alligator wouldn’t go away and just kept steering at me. I yelled help…When the others in the group heard me and saw my dilemma, one guy had a great idea. He quickly ran back to his car in the parking lot that wasn’t too far away. He brought back a box of a dozen Kripy Kreme donuts. He then proceeded to throw them into the water and to my amazement the alligator quickly turned to the water and dived in after the donuts. Thankfully, the alligator preferred the donuts for breakfast instead of me! I quickly climbed down the tree and moved to a safe distance far far away from the water embankment.

The moral of this story is…. when hiking in Florida, especially when near the water, always carry a box of Krispy Kreme donuts with you as they may just save your life!

I wish someone caught this episode on video, it would have made a great movie. but unfortunately nobody thought to do this in the heat of the moment.

End of story.

My Saturday morning adventure!

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