Super Bowl Sunday Party + 4

Hi everyone,

It’s 4 days past Super Bowl Sunday and this is the 4th blog I’m posting from my past marathon weekend of events that I attended.

Hope you enjoyed the New England humor and strong Bostonian accent in the above video from avid Patriot fans. LoL

I am sure most of you attended a Super Bowl Party with family and friends on Sunday as well. We had a house party with 65 people who attended at a friend’s house in Clearwater, Florida.

This was the host in the photo above about 55 years earlier. He looks like “Spanky” from the “Little Rascals”!

As with most Super Bowl Parties, there is a ton of food brought by everyone. This was no exception for my party either.

Look carefully at the dark figure to the left of this guy holding a knife. He is either upset that the Rams were losing the game or just wanted this guy’s food!

Okay, later on this same guy with the knife was a bit happy as he won the half-time betting pool.

As you know the game had alot of defensive action, but offensive plays were minimal. Therefore, I had to make my own offensive play over this large cake football field. Maybe I deserve to be the most valuable player!

Okay so the game wasn’t as exciting as others in the past but you make the event fun when in the company of your friends. That’s what it’s all about. Although this was the lowest scoring game in the history of Super Bowl, I actually scored big time as will be evident in my video at the end of this blog.

Have a good rest of your week

Trying to rest up for what will be another weekend of marathon events for me starting on this Friday night.

Take care.


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