Knight Parade, Ybor City, Tampa, FL

Hey All,

I’m starting to think that in the City of Tampa, we need to add one more ethnicity to the city’s statistics. After having recently experienced “Gasparilla” and then on this past Saturday the annual “Knight Parade” and celebration in Ybor City, I truly believe that “Pirates” are the majority in this city and make up more than 50 % of their population! If I wanted to go into business for myself here in the Tampa area, I would open up an exclusive pirate clothing and accessory shop. I certainly would get plenty of business!

FYI: Ybor City is a special district within the City of Tampa. It is noted for it’s old cigar factories, interesting stores and restaurants and of course, vibrant night life!

Parade Aftermath: Lots of overfilled trash bins and plenty of trash all over the street. The sanitary department will be busy!

Below are some very brief videos (under 1/2 minute each) of the night parade and multitude of crowds at this celebration. Enjoy!

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