Puppy Love …After All It’s Valentines Day!

Hey All…

Being that it’s Valentines Day…doggies need to share the love too!

A nice couple and former next door neighbors of mine here in the RV park were in bind and asked a favor of me.

Rio, the Navy sailor in the photo below is a personal guard for the CENTCOM Commader on base here. In that capacity he is always going to and from the Middle East with the CENTCOM Commader who’s home base is MacDill AFB. I don’t know how he does it. A few days in Egypt, then come back for a couple of days and then off to Afganistan. Then a few days later to Kuwait, Syria, United Emerites, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iraque, etc. Quite an experience for a young soldier of only 30 years old. He’s living the dream!

Yesterday morning he surprised his girlfriend Ashley with a trip of a lifetime. He called her from the Middle East and said that he bought her a round trip ticket to fly on short notice to the Middle East to spend Valentines Day and the weekend with him over there. Both will return home to MacDill AFB on Monday.

Only problem was….who is going to take care of their 2 dogs on short notice. Now how could I not step up to the plate to help them out! It’s all in the name of love! After all it’s Valentines Day!

Now of course, their two dogs were very happy to see me this morning. They, naturally wanted to extend the love to me for taking care of them. Being that it’s Valentines Day, they kind of gave me some special loving…okay maybe just a bit to much loving! They were a bit over-excited ti see me and yes. you know, I bleed and bruise easily. End result…see below:

All in the name of love. I can just imagine what my body will look like by Monday. Oh well!

Have a great day!


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