The Happiest Hour

Hey All,

Happy Valentines Day !

Last evening (Wednesday) I went to a pre-Valentines Day Happy Hour gathering with a new meetup group in Tampa, Florida called “The Happiest Hour-Tampa Socials.” This was my first time joining this group. Since it’s Happy Valentines Day and it’s getting closer to another weekend and I went to a happy hour with the new Happiest Hour Meetup group, I thought I start this blog off with the uplifting song “I’m So Happy”. I bet after you open and listen to the music video you’ll be singing the “I’m So Happy Song” all day long! Enjoy.

At last nights event we met at an upscale bar and restaurant called “Bar Louie” at the International Plaza in Tampa.

Bar Louie looks to strike the balance between affluence and comfort. This is where inventive drinks, like the pomegranate mojito and the Effen Good martini, meet a fun and festive atmosphere.

As I try to do with each new group that I join, I make it a point to get around and mix and mingle and stir up conversation.

We had a nice turnout (about 75 people) so I had plenty of new people to meet!

Hope I can remember everyone’s name at the next event I attend!

Have a “Happy” Valentines Day!



9 thoughts on “The Happiest Hour

    • Thanks Derrick. Thinking of you. Hope you’re holding up. I know it is hard for you to have a lot of “happiness” right now. Just remember that “death” is just another step in our eternal lives in heaven. God called your son Michael a bit earlier than you anticipated (as he did Terry). When I think of a person passing especially that I know and deeply love (especially a a younger age) I try to put a positive spin on it. As crazy as it seems I look at God giving that individual an expedited promotion to heaven. Kind of like being able to move to the front of the long line (which we all are in to wait our turn).When I think of death in this way, I have a much better time with accepting it. It is God’s will and he is the boss with the ultimate plan that we have no control of. Hope this helps.

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