Florida State Fair-The Entertainment!

Hey All,

The videos below were from the Chinese Acrobatic Show at the Florida State Fair.

I think the 1st video was a great way to economize on the use of a bicycle when you only have one and can’t decide which of about 12 people get to use it. I guess the more the merrier! I don’t think the would make it however on my daily 25 mile bike ride!

Here a a few other still photos of the acrobatic team.




Okay…I’ve always wanted to try to be hypnotized. So I was one of the volunteers on the stage. I really don’t think a person has the power in such a short time to control a whole group of people’s minds. However, I really tried to concentrate to see if the guy could hypnotize me. He failed…I didn’t feel a thing. About 6 or 7 contestants acted like they got hypnotized, however I was skeptical. Were they really hypnotized or just playing in on the fun on stage? Who knows?



Note: I just learned something real cool. I went to my meetup site from the state fair where I posted almost 180 photos. When I copied the above Url’s, when you hit one of them, it allows you to scroll from left to right when you open it to see all the photos I took from the fair. Enjoy!

About all for today. Have a great evening.

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