I Found My Long Lost Brothers At The Florida State Fair !

Hey Everyone,

To continue my “marathon” weekend of social events this past week…

On Sunday, after first taking care of my neighbor’s doggies and then doing a quick work out at the gym, I drove to the Florida State Fair to meet up with a group of friends of mine.

The day was absolutely beautiful.

I’ve been to many state fairs over the past year at many other locations in the country, but I must say that The Florida State Fair held here in Tampa exceeded my expectations and was by far the best and the most interesting one that I’ve ever attended. The staff that organized this fair did a great job to ensure the flow throughout the fair was easy to navigate making thing much more very enjoyable. All the venues were well-presented and easy to find and the many shows held throughout the park were fantastic. The parking for the state fair was free and the traffic flow through the parking area moved very smoothly. The entrance fee into the fair was only $13 and well worth the money. Overall, a very positive experience!

Okay….you know from past posts where I headed to first. My favorite…The Petting Zoo. Love my animal friends! Actually it worked out great as that was the location that I was meeting my friends at.

Ok…So now for my family reunion….I found my long lost brothers! Check out the next 2 photos….Don’t you see the family resemblance? Notice that we have the same expressions on our face!

This guy’s whispering sweet nothings in my ear.

Go Gators!

There were some things that bugged us at the fair. We are now in the insect petting zoo and exhibition. Frankly, I preferred the giraffes and other animals in the first petting zoo!

This was actually a live bunny rabbit I’m holding!

Okay… Like my stuffed animals too. Had to take a selfie!

The rides at the fair were also impressive, however we didn’t go on any and just enjoyed walking around and taking in all the shows and exhibits as they were very interesting.

Had to include the short video above as it was so cute watching this young kids faces on the “mini” version of this amusement ride.

The above photo is especially sentimental to me…..notice the name of the store “Terry”. Another sign that his spirit is still with me!

What was really cool was a section in the fair called “Kraker Village”. It had alot of cool things from many years past when life was much simpler and folks hand washed their clothes, made their own candles, fetches their own water, etc. They had so many cool structures there and so many interesting exhibits and lots of folks dressed up in the original attire doing what the people would have done in days past. Notice the school teacher in 2 photos above spanking me for being a very bad boy…Sometimes things never change! LoL

Okay, let me end this post today with a little cute video to put a smile on your face. Tomorrow, I’ll show you some cool videos and Pics of some of the cool entertainment from the fair.

Have a great day!

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