The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and The Interesting

This post is about four different things.

The first part is “The Good”.

Last week when I went to the Put-Put (miniature) golf event with one of my meetup groups (See previous post entitled Put-Put) I made a new friend “Marco”. He was part of my 4 member golf team and it was the first time he attended one of our events. Marco is a French Navy Officer who is on temporary duty to the USA for 6 months who happens to be stationed on MacDill AFB where I live. He works directly for the French General at the Coalition Village which is part of Central Command and he plays an important role in overseeing all the military planning and operations pertaining to the French military forces who work with our American soldiers in support of military operations all over the Middle East. Marco is a super nice guy and we had a lot in common and we’ve become good friends. Yesterday evening I took Marco to Ybor City (a district of Tampa with a very lively night life) and we had a super time conversing about our military careers and enjoying the evening over a few beers. I love interacting with folks from other countries and welcoming them to the USA and love to show them unique things that our country offers. This truly is one of my passions. As a result of our new friendship. I received a personal invite to attend a special get together that the French coalition group will have on March 9th. It was a great honor to receive this special invitation. I am excited abount attending and to meet all the other members of the French military.

The second Part is the Sad:

Remember my friend and former Commander I told you about from the military who developed terminal brain cancer? I had previously written him a nice letter a few weeks ago and then wrote a post about it approximately 1 and 1/2 weeks ago entitled “Ups and Downs In Life”. Recently I received a nice response back from him which I’ll include below:

Mikey is the 2nd person in the above photo from left to right. A tall and very nice looking guy.

Mikey said: “Gary, So Sorry for the late reply. Just got discharged following surgery and am home now after have a second glioblastoma removed in 2 years. This was about the size of a lemon.

It is really fantastic to hear from you and would love to catch up.

You said so many gracious and wonderful things about our great working relationship in Germany.
The truth is that great units, & the 159 th medical air ambulance company became one because it was made up of great people. I attribute our success not to me but more specifically to YOU. Your efforts were second to none and you approached every single task with unparalleled professionalism and excellence. Clearly you are one of the very best officers regardless of rank I ever worked with. I just hope I took care of you.
Hope to stay in touch! Thanks for your prayers, my brother. God listens”

My second response back to my friend…

Gary Said: “Mickey, Thanks so much for your thoughtful reply, although I humbly do not feel I deserve it. I was just doing my job as part of the team. I hope that you are now resting comfortably in your home and will gain back your strength very quickly. I will continue to think and pray for you and for your family, that your health will miraculously improve so you can have the opportunity to once again embrace and enjoy a long life ahead. I know all these ups and downs with your cancer is so trying, but I truly believe that the worst is behind you and your inner strength will win the battle.

I meant every word that I articulated in my earlier message to you. You are a wonderful and caring human being and I am so grateful to have you as a friend.

I would love to catch up with you when you are able. Feel free to reach out to me anytime. I am always there to listen to and to provide to you emotional and spiritual support and to help to comfort you in any way I can with hopes that it will brighten your day.

Take care my dear friend. I know that you will soon be doing that Michael Jackson moon walk shuffle that I so fondly remember of you when you were in good spirits. I can visualize your wonderful smile while doing this backward moon walk shuffle shouting YES….I beat this cancer! I knocked it out of the park!!!

Keep holding your head up high my friend. The best part of your life is just over the horizon! I sense it more and more each and every day!

Your forever friend, Gary”

The Third Part Is The Ugly:

That’ Me!

Fighting skin cancer again. Three biopsies taken by the Dermatogist on Friday…one on my lip and two on my legs, now I anxiously await results. They have come back cancerous in all other biopsies I’ve had in the past. Time will tell. Not sure what they do if it turns our to be cancer on my lip? Could get uglier. Also having blue light therapy on both arms this upcoming Friday to kill pre-cancerous cells. In a few days my arms will look pretty bad as well with a lot of sark spots that will develop as the cancer cells die off.

Of course, I still have my plastic surgery scheduled to be done on my nose on 3/12 from my previous bacterial infection. They’ll be grafting a portion of skin from another part of my face which will also result in some stitches in the areabthat will need to heal as well.

Okay….for The Last Part of this 4 part series, The Interesting:

So I was telling you earlier about my new friend Marco, the French Naval Officer. Marco had a very interesting history. He was telling me about one of his former assignments in the military where he was assigned to Paris and selected to be the support duty officer to the President of France. In that capacity he traveled all over the world with the President of France and had the opportunity to meet many famous people world wide such as the Queen of England, The Prime Minister of Japan, The Pope, Fidel Castro, the prime Miniter of China, Vlademir Putin, our President and many, many more important people.

Okay, about all for now.

Hope you enjoy the post!

Have a great week.


7 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and The Interesting

  1. some great stories, Gary. Life is full of all – good, bad, ugly, funny! So proud of you for that note from your military friend! So glad you have a new friend in Marco. Get that skin cancer taken care of! HUGS!


  2. I hope your new friend took advantage of that mix-up! Just kidding, of course, but very happy for you, Gary, that you have found a new friend and are staying in touch with the old one. Sending you blessings for speedy recovery!


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