57 + 96 = 153 Years

Hey All,

Today Saturday, March 30th is my younger brother Randy’s 57 th birthday. My mother Stacia, celebrated her 96 th birthday on March 13 th.

Since I am here visiting with them for a few weeks, I picked up a birthday cake, a nice house plant and treated them both to a dinner on me at the Texas Roadhouse this evening in honor of their birthdays.

Nice to have a chance to honor family members on their special day especially when I have an opportunity to be here in person!

Randy’s Homemade Pizza

When visiting at my brother Randy’s house….what do I do best?…EAT !!!

As you know, although I can cook, when in my own home (my RV) I tend to eat simple and my microwave becomes my main source for cooking. Not usually a lot of prep work for me…Just open up the box, throw the plastic tray in the microwave and in a couple of minutes it’s done and ready to eat.

Now back to my brother Randy’s finished product ! Homemade of course !!

Appointment With Surgeon Today was a Rip Off!

When I met with my surgeon today he confirmed that the separation of the skin down my nose and at the corner of where the left portion of my nose meets my cheek was not optimim. He did say however if you want to look at it positively, that the worse that could happened in those areas already took place and that it wouldn’t get any more worse. The surgeon said that putting in any stiches now when my nose and face are still swollen is not going to help the situation or to promote quicker healing, but he felt that over the course of the next month or so those areas may heal on their own. However, if still problematic he indicated he could easily fix those areas with a revision surgical procedure which he would set up (if warranted) when I return to see him on May 1. He said noses are a difficult area to treat and can often take several procedural tweaks to get things just right. What he did say which was the most important thing is that the cartilage that was extracted from my ear to use for my nose seemed to take well, which for now is the most critical factor. Had this failed, the entire left side of my nose where the grafting was done could have caved in, which definitely wouldn’t have been good.

So for the next month or so I will have to sit and wait and allow things to continue to heal and see what will come of all this when I return back to the surgeon on May 1. Who Nose? ( a small bit of humor)!

I hate the thought that these revisions could drag on into the summer months which won’t be fun. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see and hope that it will only involve minimal revisions in the future.

So what really upset me today when I went to my surgeon, was the nurse who “ripped me off!” When I got into the exam room awaiting the surgeon to arrive, this male nurse who didn’t have the best bedside manners proceeded to remove my bandages. However, rather than being gentle on the removal he just ripped them off, which ended up pulling off half the skin on the right side of my face and also hurting some of the good skin to the left upper side of my face as well! These areas started to bleed profusely and sting. He didn’t like it when I told him he needed to be gentler (more careful) when doing band aide removals in the future. He just stated in a “cocky” tone that has been removing dressings for years and know how to do this. I came back to him by saying ” Well obviously you haven’t been doing it properly for years and might need some additional training !”

So I ended up leaving the doctor’s office today in worst shape than when I walked in with my face now stinging all over and with more ugly wounds to have to heal.

See photo below:

Since no new sutures were warranted today and since the surgeon wanted to wait for one month before I see him again, I decided to drive the 6 1/2 hour trip up to my younger brother’s home which is also where my mother lives in The Fort Walton Beach area rather than to go to my older brother and sister in law’s home in Orlando. I will most likely stay my entire 30 days here in Fort Walton Beach rather than to be a bother and to disrupt the lives of my older brother and sister in law in Orlando who seem to have too many other important things to focus on right now rather than to have visitors.

About all for now. Safe and sound and now at my younger brother’s home just praying to heal quickly.

Luv, Gary

Mummy In His Cript

MaDill Inn photo taken from the pier across the street.

Still view as seen from my hotel room window. See Tampa Bay and city skyline in the distance.

RV now in temporary storage.

Never fails. As I was putting back on the top cover on the bed of my truck after moving my Rv into storage, I cut myself (deep gash on my left thigh) from hitting a sharp piece of metal protruding from my hitch. Blood was gushing out until I could apply a pressure dressing. Like I need more scars!

Not a pretty site. Concerned about the large space going down my nose. Seems like whatever the surgeon was concerned with on the upper portion of my nose has done the same thing further down? Also, seems like there’s an opening between my facial skin and left corner of my nose (as seen from the viewer). Not sure if this is normal or if the skin is actually separating there as well? Again…really don’t know what is normal healing and what might be problematic. I’m a mess and so over all these medical issues these past 6 months. Really anxious to see the surgeon again on Monday to hear what he has to say about all this.

The Big Reveal

Hey All,

Today I had my follow-up appointment with my surgeon in order to get my bandages and sutures removed from the surgery I had last Tuesday. It also gave him a chance to evaluate my progress.

The surgeon said things looked pretty good for the most part, except for some concern he had near the upper portion of my nose that didn’t fuse as well as he had hoped.

He said that I might need revision surgery in that area

I was a bit concerned and reminded him that I was leaving the area this weekend and wouldn’t be back for 1 month.

He said that it would be okay as it isn’t always the best thing to prematurely correct that issue immediately as it might fuse on it’s own as things continue to heal.

He set up the next follow up appointment for me for May 1, a few days after I plan to return back to Tampa for my next extended stay in the RV park on MacDill AFB.

In the meantime he wants me to put antibiotic ointment on that opening and to keep it covered with fresh band aides each day after I shower.

After getting home and having a chance to look a little bit closer at my nose, I noticed some other smaller openings in the lower section. However, since the surgeon didn’t say anything about that area when I saw him today, I’ll assume that this is normal for now and will heal over time.

After a few weeks while away at my brother’s house, if I don’t like my progress and feel a need to call the surgeon to discuss my concerns, I may decide to ultimately drive back (if necessary) to Tampa to see the surgeon before driving out again for the second leg of my trip to my other brother’s home in Orlando.

For the moment, I will just have to wait things out a bit and let the healing process continue.



Been A Long 7 Days and 7 Nights

It’s now been a full 7 days and 7 nights that I’ve been homebound in my RV trying to recover from my Surgery. No gym, no biking, no social events, no alcohol, no sun = no fun = going stir crazy!

This Wednesday afternoon can not come soon enough That will be my day to see my surgeon for my 1st follow up since my surgery to get all the sutures and bandages removed and to hopefully notice some positive results. I know it will still take a good 6 weeks to adequately recover, but just to hopefully have the surgeon tell me that things are progressing well and to indicate that the grafting took sucessfully will give me some sense of relief. I am a little bit concerned right now as my ear continues to bleed and hurt a bit and there is still a lot of oosing coming from the other sutures that are on my face. I am hoping that after Wednesday the surgeon doesn’t need to see me again until at least 4 weeks as I will be out of the area.

This Saturday my RV has to be moved from the RV park. I must comply with my maximum 180 day consecutive stay limitation here before I can return again for another stay…Must follow Air Force rules.

If things didn’t take well with my recent surgery then not sure what I will do next? A bit of anxiety as the mandatory move is approaching and no place is currently available to stay here on a temporary basis for the next 30 days if I need any follow up care.

As for my RV going to temporary storage…as of today, doesn’t look promising to store it on base which can only be arranged on a first come, first serve basis. No early pre-arranged reservations are allowed. Checked availability today and to my surprise all the spaces are currently taken! Looks like I most likely will have to transport my RV to Saint Pete. Still don’t have anyone as yet dedicated to help me with the move and a bit nervous to attempt to move it on my own as roads here are very busy and it’s very hard to see what’s behind me when driving. Seems like everyone I knew here are already gone from the park or have other comittments this weekend. I sure hope I can get someone that knows how to move a 5th wheel who can help me as it really takes more than one person to succesfully hook up the RV to the truck hitch as it is really difficult to lock it in properly and to do it in a safe manner.

As for my indoor plants, they are all happy in their temporary home at my friend Susan’s Office at the gym. She is the nice lady that graciously loans me the bike for the entire season which I am so appreciative. Normally you can only sign out the bikes on a daily basis and normally they have to be returned on the same day. So she has really made life easy for me for letting me hold on to it.

I have also begun putting things away in my RV and I am getting the rest of my packing material together ready to protect the bigger things.

All my outdoor items are already stored away in my outside storage compartments. Took care of that this weekend.

I will be so glad when I’m heathy again and will be relieved when my RV gets moved to storage this weekend hopefully without incident. Then all I’ll need to do is not to injure myself again over the next month while away from Tampa. Remember what hapoened last time!

Have ‘t even left here yet, but already anxious to return back and get all set up again so I can be back to my normal routine!

Luv to all,


Happy Saint Patty’s Day

Wishing you all a wonderful Saint Patrick’s Day.

Didn’t do any Saint Patrick’s Day events this weekend because I’m still stuck indoors in my RV trying to recover from my recent surgery. Been indoors since Tuesday and don’t go back to the surgeon until this Wednesday afternoon for my follow up appointment to see how things are progressing.

Not much green left in my RV anymore as I moved all my indoor plants to the office of the lady that loans me the bike at the gym. She is going to care for my 14 plants while I’m away for the month visiting family when I put my RV in storage next weekend.

All my outdoor plants are also no longer outside. Moved them yesterday to my French brother “Marco’s” patio to watch over them for me as well.

Had this one Ivy plant still in my RV so I did a selfie with it to disguise my ugly bandages and sutures on the right side of my face. Thought since it’s green it would be an appropriate photo for Saint Patrick’s Day!

Also will include a few select photos from my attendance at the Saint Patrick’s Day celebration with “Beau” last year in Melbourne, Fl.

Have a great day and I hope you find something special today in the “Pot of Gold” at the end of the rainbow!



www.Spearfruit.com Blogsite Introduction and Photo Has Been Modified

Hey All,

I have now been blogging on Terry’s original blogsite for over 18 months.

Since I am pretty much homebound these days as I recover from my recent surgery, I decided to make some long overdue changes to Terry’s orignal blogsite. You will note that I changed Terry’s original photo to incorporate both of us as well as Roxy (our former doggie).

In the first tab, I changed the title from “About Me” to “About Us” and I totally revamped the introduction under that tab to make the meaning and overall purpose of this blog more relavent to still reflect Terry’s original purpose for starting it and now my purpose for deciding to keep this blogsite active moving forward.

I’ve been meaning to do these changes for some time as the purpose of this blogsite has evolved over time.

New Intro under the tab “Our Life” now reads as follows:

This site was originally created by my deceased husband “Terry” to share his life which like most people was filled with both happiness and sadness, successes and disappointments. He started this blog at age 55 and at that time he realized that as human beings we would not be on this earth forever. He felt at that time a need to accomplish so much more and to begin experiencing life to its fullest. In his early 20s he had many years of therapy to combat depression, but over time realized that there are actually many other people out there that are not much different from himself. He understood that most people live average lives, filled with many ups and downs and varying challenges and goals that we all strive for. So, he candidly asked himself, what truly made his life more special than others, but then as he thought about it he realized….nothing really?

Terry originally created his blogsite to write about his life. He hoped that maybe other people could relate to his writings and that it may help them in some way to confront challenges within their own lives. However, as he thought about it again, maybe his writings would just be a way to help himself as a person to accept his life as it was and to become content. Either way, Terry’s blog transformed into something wonderful which ultimately impacted so many people. Little did Terry realize that shortly after starting his blog that he would develop cancer and that for the next few years he would be fighting for his life with hopes that his cancer could be eradicated. During these trying times, through his blog and his writings and because of your kind comments and support, it helped him to cope with his medical condition and to accept that as his health worsened and as his cancer spread, that his life on the earth would soon be coming to an end. Through your kind words, dedicated support and genuine love, Terry he was able to remain remarkably strong and to confront his fate right to the very end. On September 1, 2017, our dear Terry passed away and was immediately welcomed by God and other loved ones that passed before him to the wonderful Gates of Heaven.

I never realized the tremendous impact that Terry’s blogsite would ultimately have upon me and others. When he first began writing he did so merely to express his deep thoughts and to share aspects about his own life. His blog later transitioned into a wonderful tool to help him to confront his diagnosis of cancer and ultimately to accept his fate. Little did I realize that his writings, photos and videos would become such a precious gift for me to cherish and to be used as a means to keep the memory of Terry’s short life on this earth alive.

What is so remarkable is that things often happen in life for a reason. As I reflect back, Terry had no idea when he started his blogsite what the future would hold for him. However, his blogsite in some ways may have truly been developed by him as an ultimate means to help me to cope with my life after his passing. By continuing to keep this blogsite active after Terry’s death and deciding to begin sharing my thoughts and emotions in life with others has become a helpful and effective therapeutic tool for me to keep moving forward. Your kind comments, support, encouragement and love has definitely helped me to be able to cope and to accept Terry’s death as God’s will. Terry’s passing and this blogsite makes me realize more now than ever that life is truly fragile and when we will ultimately be called to our eternal life by our maker is truly out of our control. All we can do for now while on this earth is to do our best to continue to embrace life to its fullest and to strive to become a positive example for others and to love and be kind to one another.

I started to write on this blogsite just a few days after Terry’s death in September 2017. I feel that I will continue to blog and to express my thoughts about many topics and to also use it as a means to move forward in life and to accept in a positive way any challenges that I might be confronted with along the way.

Love to All,


Sparkman’s Wharf in Tampa, FL and some Upcoming Concerns

Hey Everyone,

After the Gasparilla Music Festival, since it was the first evening of day light savings time and since the weather was beautiful, I thought I’d take Marco over to Sparkman’s Wharf.

This is a new and upcoming social spot in Tampa that is becoming very trendy.

There are a lot of outdoor bars and restaurants to choose from with a very laid back atmosphere.

There is also a very nice section at the Wharf that has beautiful artificial grass and a lot of lawn games for friends and families to enjoy.

In the spring and summer months they also set up a free outdoor movie each week for everyone to enjoy. Just bring your own lawn and popcorn and kick back and relax. You can even bring your pets to this area, provided they’re on a leash.

Below is a short video taken at Sparkman’s Wharf.

On the way back from the Music Fest enroute to Sparkman’s Wharf, I had fun taking a number of candid photos of Marco at different vantage points so that he could send some of these back to his wife, kids and friends.

All in all a wonderful day and evening to end the busy weekend.

This will be my last social event for awhile because of the evasive surgery I just had udergone on Tuesday morning, 3/12. I will need a good 4 to 8 weeks to hopefully recover successfully from this operation and to be out in public again. In the mesntime I will be keeping a low profile for obvious reasons!

Also, I’m a bit stressed as I must leave the RV park by Saturday, 3/23/19 (no exceptions to the continuous 180 day rule) and I cannot reserve a temporary storage spot on the base (if any will be available) because it is only done on a first come, first serve basis and I won’t really know until the day before. A week from tomorrow on 3/22.

I do have a backup plan to move my RV to temporary storage in St Pete for 30 days if nothing is available here on base for storage, but I don’t as yet have anyone confirmed to help me for this move.

Also, a bit concerned for what to do when I go for my follow on post surgery appointment next Wednesday. If there are any complications with my surgery or if I need additional follow up medical care for this procedure before I leave the area on 3/23 I have no backup plan. After my RV goes into storage (hopefully with no incident) I plan to go visit family in Ft Walton Beach ( a 5 1/2 hour drive away) and then to Orlando a few weeks later. I can’t return back to MacDill AFB and get settled in again in the RV park until around 4/25. Must comply with the base 30 day out of the park rule after staying 6 consecutive months here.

So much up in the air with my surgery recovery, RV movement and upcoming travels.

Hope it all works out?

Have a great rest of your day !