Beauty and The Beast

Hey All,

For those who have been following my blog over the last several months. I have been undergoing a number of health issues.

First my foot break while I was at my brother’s .

Then my bacterial/viral infection.

Then squamos cancer removal in two spots on my left leg.

The my right arm and hand break from a bike accident.

Then my bi-weekly and painful needle injections to try to fix my urology issues. Followed by a need for extensive urology surgery which lead to a tiring and painful recovery as Beau can attest to when she visited me at Christmas time. This was followed a few weeks later by a second surgery to take care of a hematoma that developed.

Now 3 more biopsies in two places on my leg and one on my lip. Results yet unknown.

Last week, the start of a series of pre-canerous treatments that I will be undergoing on serval parts of my body. Each visit requires treatment with pre-cancerours medicine followed by a 2 hour wait period for the medicine to absorb into my skin. Followed by 20 minutes of blue light therapy and then a need to stay out of direct and indirect light for at least 48 hours. Followed by the affected skin area to become blistered and dry until the pre-cancerpua scabs eventually peel off.

Now, next week undergoing surgery on my face to hopefully repair some permanent scars that developed on my nose and several other areas from the previous bacterial/viral infection. This will involve grafting and stitches in another part of my face until things hopefully heal. There will eventually be 3 seperate surgeries 1 1/2 hours each as only one area can be done at a time.

Of course who knows as yet what will have to happen to my lip if it comes back as cancerous? Hate to think what will be involved there. Looks a bit better from my biopsy, but still stings.

Weather is getting very hot here and as you can imagine if has become a bit difficult juggling all these health issues while still trying to remain active on the social scene so that I don’t just sit inside my RV by myself and allow myself to become depressed.

In addition to all the above my stress level is increasing as I must soon leave the RV park for a minimum of 30 days after my six month continuous stay is over (on March 25 th) before I can return here on or after Apr 25. Right now, I am trying to coordinate for a place to store my RV off base in case temporary storage on base is unavailable when I need to move. The space on base cannot be reserved in advance. It is a first come first serve situ which makes things a but difficult to plan for. In addition, I need to find someone to help me with my move as it us difficult to hook up my RV by myself and to move it without incident due to limitations in the turning radius I have because my truck has a short bed. Also need to try to ensure I can get someone to watch over my 14 indoor plants and 6 outdoor planters while I’m away for the 30 days. My indoor plants will hopefully be watched by the lady that lends me the extended use of the bike at the gym. Her office will soon become a forest. My outdoor plants will hopefully be watched over by my French Officer friend on his outdoor patio at his off sight apartment.

I really do like being here on MacDill Airforce base, but I hate the 6 month limitation of stay, but I must follow the rules.

Some day I’ll figure out something more permanent if I stay in this area as I continue to make good friends thru my meetup groups. Home and condo sales right now come with a hefty price here in the Tampa/St Pete surroundings as it currently a sellers market. Don’t want to prematurely do something hastily and then be sorry I did it without being totally sure that it was the right thing to do. Of course then there’s the large Pod that has my remaining stuff stored in Dallas fir the past 2 1/2 years. Have no idea what to do with this stuff until someday I figure a more permanent solution. Remember Terry and I down-sized and got rid of 85 % of our belongings when we were getting ready to sell our house and only kept 15 %. I need a space under cover and air conditioning to be able to deal with these items for a few months. I need to be able to eventually store all my stuff in a seperate bedroom if and when a decide to buy something permanent somewhere. Then I can weed out more of the stuff I don’t need by selling it and keeping only what makes sense for a future dwelling. In the meantime I have accept that the Pod needs to stay put where it is and to chalk up the situation for now and absorb the storage costs as just a part of living mobile for awhile longer. Really makes no sense to move everything here as yet as it would involve a hefty transportation cost and if I decide not to eventually reside here permanently, then I’d have to repack e everything up again and move it a second time at another hefty move cost.

So hard to deal with that stuff for now is it took so long to pack everthing up (took me weeks to do it) and no where that is logistically practical to sort it out for now either somewhere in Dallas or here in Florida. Wish one of my brothers had an extra storage space where I could do this, but they don’t. There is no junk in the storage unit only expensive art and new stuff and because I maximized every space in that storage unit everything would have to be fully removed to get to anything. Just isn’t feasible to be able to do right now.

Having said all the above, I still manage to get out and w about and to work out at the gym and do my daily bike rides despite my health issues and thanks to Beau who previously brought me some makeup, I try to touch up my skin imperfections as best as I can, so they are less noticeable while I’m out there on the social scene. After all, I need to be photogenic for my selfies!

It’s a constant battle, but I am trying to juggle everything despite feeling like both “the beauty and also the beast” !

Maybe I should be an ugly pirate at the next year’s Gasparilla event in Tampa like this guy below? LoL

Oh well. I’m doing the best that I can for now and trying to keep a good outlook on life despite losing bothTerry and my dog Roxy and being without a permanent home for now. I really miss them both and still to this day have my ups and downs thinking of them.

I try to remain strong and so glad that at least I have made it a point to get out there and make new friends thru my meetup groups. These groups as well as you my fellow bloggers is what keeps me moving forward.

Love to all,


20 thoughts on “Beauty and The Beast

  1. Oh Gary, so many different issues for you to deal with! But if you can still joke about your various health issues and treatments, you are very strong and you will continue fighting! Know, that there is a huge fan club rooting for you here! Pyaing for you every day and sending blessings your way,


  2. Oh Gary – you sure have so much going on – and you are still smiling!! YAY! Hang in there. Take it all a day at a time, and keep seeking moments to cherish. You have many that care about you! Sending hugs from Mars!


  3. Gosh, Gary you have been through the mill recently. I am sending you a very gentle hug. Perhaps a short lease of home in Tampa might work? I am sure I am not the first person to say “Stay out of the sun!” Thinking of you and hoping for the best in your results. ❤❤❤


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