My French Brother from Another Mother

On Saturday I took my French brother “Marco” to Saint Petersburg to give him an appreciation of the lively night life there.

We first went to one of my favorite spots called “The Canopy” a rooftop open bar at the very top of the Birchwood Hotel. From this vantage point you have outstanding views of the City of Saint Petersburg and the Marina below.

We then walked along Beach Drive where there are many restaurants, outdoor cafe’s, interesting shops and lively entertainment.

“Marco” has a tendency to close his eyes when one tries taking photos of him, but I did manage to capture a few good photos along the way of him having fun posing with these bronze statues.

This brought back fond memories of the one and only time that Terry and I previously visited this area, shortly after we arrived to Tampa and before Terry became too I’ll to get out and about. I remember Terry having fun taking photos of me posing at these very same bronze statues.

All in all any enjoyable evening.

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