Mardi Gras Party on “Fat Tuesday” With TBA friends in Dunedin, FL

Hey Everyone,

Had a wonderful time last evening in beautiful Dunedin, Florida. I enjoyed a fantastic Mardi Gras party with some of my Tampa Bay Adventurer (TBA) friends at the home of our gracious host “Paul”.

Paul, is the guy on the right in the above photo.

Oh…. Isn’t that sweet….Love is in the air!

There was a great variety of food at the party contributed by everyone who attended and I must say….Paul makes one mean “Hurricaine” drink!

Okay….I got into the festivities and dressed up a bit…After all Mardi Gras is supposed to be festive!

Below are two short video clips that I took while at the party.

The other short videos below were taken at the Mardi Gras “Fat Tuesday” Parade which occured on main street in the center of Dunedin, which was just around the corner from Paul’s house. Over 50 floats in the Parade and one of the largest marching bands I ever saw! Enjoy the videos!

What a great night with fun friends! Doesn’t get better than that!

Hey blogger friends….just cut and pasted another link below which includes a bunch of other photos I took last night that I posted on my meetup group site. Can a few of you comment back to me and let me know if you could open and view these photos below from that link. There’s about 130 photos. I am running in critical space constraints on my wordpress media storage and soon will have to delete more stuff there to post new photos in future posts. Cutting and pasting the link as I did below, might allow me to let you see more photos while saving on my wordpress media space. Thanks in advance for letting me know if you could see these photos from this link below.

6 thoughts on “Mardi Gras Party on “Fat Tuesday” With TBA friends in Dunedin, FL

  1. Spectacular photos, fantastic event! I am so glad you were able to “stock up” on lots of fun before your surgery, Gary!
    I wasn’t able to access the photos in the other post, but I did open this link and was able to view them here – wow!


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