The French Connection

Hey All,

This post is not about the old classic movie of many years ago, entitled “The French Connection”.

It’s about the wonderful time I had on Saturday afternoon at a barbeque with the entire French Coalition Group who were so cordial to me. I really liked all of them and it was great socializing with all the French military. A really nice group of folks. As I said I love mingling with international people as I love learning new things about how different people from all over the world think about life and it’s challenges.

Marco on the left posing with the French Coalition “Mama”. The lady on the right has a permanent position in the French Coalition Group, while all the French officers rotate in and out for a 4 to 6 month tour of duty. This lady helps to provide continuity in operations in the French Coalition group as new officers come in and others depart for other overseas assignments somewhere in the world.

Two “brothers” drinking a cold one!

These 2 French guys were a lot of fun and were the designated cooks on the grill.

The guy on the left is a full bird French Colonel with 8 kids and one on the way! They are all back home in France and he is here by himself on this short assignment.

Nice couple posing with their first baby now only 4 months old. The guy to the right (a Major in the French Army) was really interesting to talk to. He just came back from a long drive to pick up his wife and new baby who flew into Miami from France to spend the rest of his months here with him in Tampa. A really nice family.

Marco diving toward the ground making a save while playing volley ball with the group.

The girl to the left in the photo is from southern France and was the person who did most of the culinary preparation of the “authentic” French cuisine. Needless to say all the food and of course (the French wine) was out if this world!

These two folks were really nice and fun to hang around with. The French women kept bring me band aides because as usual, I kept cutting myself and bleeding …which is par for the course with me. She was like a French version of “Beau”who always has an ample supply of band aides on hand for me when she comes to visit because she knows I going to begin gushing blood somewhere!

All in all a great afternoon, but the fun didn’t end there. Later that afternoon Marco and I were off to another function a “pot luck and social event” in Treasure Island near the Beach. Will write about that event in another blog tomorrow.

Have a great week!

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