Highlight, Cut, Move, Paste, Save and Refresh.

Hey All,

Doesn’t my title sound just like one on their computer trying to move a portion of a word document, by first highlighting it, then cutting it, then moving and pasting it to the other place you wanted it at and then saving it and then refreshing the computer.

Well tomorrow this is about what will happen to me as I go under the knife very early tomorrow. I’m the first Operating Room case. Must report to the VA by 5 AM, so must leave MacDill Air Force Base by 4:15 AM. Ugh.

The surgeon will be cutting into my nose where the scar is, then highlighting another portion of skin on my face. He be then cutting it and then grafting it to where the scar was and then saving the graft by securing it with stiches. In a few weeks, hopefully my face will be refreshed. Time will tell?

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