Sunset Beach in Treasure Island, Florida

Hey Everyone.

After attending the nice French Coalition gathering at mid day on this past Saturday afternoon as I previously blogged about a few days ago, my French brother Marco and I were then off later that afternoon to attend a fun potluck dinner at Sunset Beach in Treasure Island, Florida. It was a great evening. The weather was perfect and the sunset on the beach on the eve before day light savings time was amazing! As always the food that people brought was out of this world and plentiful!

After dinner, a bunch of us took a casual stroll along the beach to work off the food and to enjoy the sunset.

Saw this sand castle and moat already constructed on the sand and had Marco pose as the French King of The Castle.

It was a great evening shared with wonderful friends! Doesn’t get better than that!

Have a enjoyable rest of your day!

6 thoughts on “Sunset Beach in Treasure Island, Florida

  1. We love Treasure Island, and we love Sunset Beach, and it looks like you had lovely co mpany there, Gary! And what a spread – wow!
    How did the surgery go? How are you feeling? Wishing you speedy recovery and praying for you always.


    • Dolly, Thanks for your thoughts. See my post on Mar 12, entitled “The Ugly Duckling”. The surgery lasted 2 hours and a lot more extensive than I had thought. Pretty much confined to my RV (no gym, no bike rides, no out door activities, no more social events, no alcohol, no sun and no more fun until at least the sutures get removed next Wed aft. Have a bit of anxiety as I have to vacate the RV Park for 30 days a week from Sat (no exceptions, even for medical) Hope I don’t have any medical setbacks with operation or need any other followup after next Wed, until I come back here at end of Apr. Area hurts and going a bit stir crazy staying inside.

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