Sparkman’s Wharf in Tampa, FL and some Upcoming Concerns

Hey Everyone,

After the Gasparilla Music Festival, since it was the first evening of day light savings time and since the weather was beautiful, I thought I’d take Marco over to Sparkman’s Wharf.

This is a new and upcoming social spot in Tampa that is becoming very trendy.

There are a lot of outdoor bars and restaurants to choose from with a very laid back atmosphere.

There is also a very nice section at the Wharf that has beautiful artificial grass and a lot of lawn games for friends and families to enjoy.

In the spring and summer months they also set up a free outdoor movie each week for everyone to enjoy. Just bring your own lawn and popcorn and kick back and relax. You can even bring your pets to this area, provided they’re on a leash.

Below is a short video taken at Sparkman’s Wharf.

On the way back from the Music Fest enroute to Sparkman’s Wharf, I had fun taking a number of candid photos of Marco at different vantage points so that he could send some of these back to his wife, kids and friends.

All in all a wonderful day and evening to end the busy weekend.

This will be my last social event for awhile because of the evasive surgery I just had udergone on Tuesday morning, 3/12. I will need a good 4 to 8 weeks to hopefully recover successfully from this operation and to be out in public again. In the mesntime I will be keeping a low profile for obvious reasons!

Also, I’m a bit stressed as I must leave the RV park by Saturday, 3/23/19 (no exceptions to the continuous 180 day rule) and I cannot reserve a temporary storage spot on the base (if any will be available) because it is only done on a first come, first serve basis and I won’t really know until the day before. A week from tomorrow on 3/22.

I do have a backup plan to move my RV to temporary storage in St Pete for 30 days if nothing is available here on base for storage, but I don’t as yet have anyone confirmed to help me for this move.

Also, a bit concerned for what to do when I go for my follow on post surgery appointment next Wednesday. If there are any complications with my surgery or if I need additional follow up medical care for this procedure before I leave the area on 3/23 I have no backup plan. After my RV goes into storage (hopefully with no incident) I plan to go visit family in Ft Walton Beach ( a 5 1/2 hour drive away) and then to Orlando a few weeks later. I can’t return back to MacDill AFB and get settled in again in the RV park until around 4/25. Must comply with the base 30 day out of the park rule after staying 6 consecutive months here.

So much up in the air with my surgery recovery, RV movement and upcoming travels.

Hope it all works out?

Have a great rest of your day !

6 thoughts on “Sparkman’s Wharf in Tampa, FL and some Upcoming Concerns

  1. Everything will work out, Gary – you’ll see! Meanwhile, just think of all the fun you’ve been having and concentrate on getting well real soon, so that you could go out and have fun again!
    Sending blessings your way…


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