Been A Long 7 Days and 7 Nights

It’s now been a full 7 days and 7 nights that I’ve been homebound in my RV trying to recover from my Surgery. No gym, no biking, no social events, no alcohol, no sun = no fun = going stir crazy!

This Wednesday afternoon can not come soon enough That will be my day to see my surgeon for my 1st follow up since my surgery to get all the sutures and bandages removed and to hopefully notice some positive results. I know it will still take a good 6 weeks to adequately recover, but just to hopefully have the surgeon tell me that things are progressing well and to indicate that the grafting took sucessfully will give me some sense of relief. I am a little bit concerned right now as my ear continues to bleed and hurt a bit and there is still a lot of oosing coming from the other sutures that are on my face. I am hoping that after Wednesday the surgeon doesn’t need to see me again until at least 4 weeks as I will be out of the area.

This Saturday my RV has to be moved from the RV park. I must comply with my maximum 180 day consecutive stay limitation here before I can return again for another stay…Must follow Air Force rules.

If things didn’t take well with my recent surgery then not sure what I will do next? A bit of anxiety as the mandatory move is approaching and no place is currently available to stay here on a temporary basis for the next 30 days if I need any follow up care.

As for my RV going to temporary storage…as of today, doesn’t look promising to store it on base which can only be arranged on a first come, first serve basis. No early pre-arranged reservations are allowed. Checked availability today and to my surprise all the spaces are currently taken! Looks like I most likely will have to transport my RV to Saint Pete. Still don’t have anyone as yet dedicated to help me with the move and a bit nervous to attempt to move it on my own as roads here are very busy and it’s very hard to see what’s behind me when driving. Seems like everyone I knew here are already gone from the park or have other comittments this weekend. I sure hope I can get someone that knows how to move a 5th wheel who can help me as it really takes more than one person to succesfully hook up the RV to the truck hitch as it is really difficult to lock it in properly and to do it in a safe manner.

As for my indoor plants, they are all happy in their temporary home at my friend Susan’s Office at the gym. She is the nice lady that graciously loans me the bike for the entire season which I am so appreciative. Normally you can only sign out the bikes on a daily basis and normally they have to be returned on the same day. So she has really made life easy for me for letting me hold on to it.

I have also begun putting things away in my RV and I am getting the rest of my packing material together ready to protect the bigger things.

All my outdoor items are already stored away in my outside storage compartments. Took care of that this weekend.

I will be so glad when I’m heathy again and will be relieved when my RV gets moved to storage this weekend hopefully without incident. Then all I’ll need to do is not to injure myself again over the next month while away from Tampa. Remember what hapoened last time!

Have ‘t even left here yet, but already anxious to return back and get all set up again so I can be back to my normal routine!

Luv to all,


9 thoughts on “Been A Long 7 Days and 7 Nights

  1. Gary, with all the support and positive energy going your way, you must be all right, and you will be! Everything will work out for you – you’ll see!
    Praying for your health every day and sending blessing your way!
    Much love,


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