The Big Reveal

Hey All,

Today I had my follow-up appointment with my surgeon in order to get my bandages and sutures removed from the surgery I had last Tuesday. It also gave him a chance to evaluate my progress.

The surgeon said things looked pretty good for the most part, except for some concern he had near the upper portion of my nose that didn’t fuse as well as he had hoped.

He said that I might need revision surgery in that area

I was a bit concerned and reminded him that I was leaving the area this weekend and wouldn’t be back for 1 month.

He said that it would be okay as it isn’t always the best thing to prematurely correct that issue immediately as it might fuse on it’s own as things continue to heal.

He set up the next follow up appointment for me for May 1, a few days after I plan to return back to Tampa for my next extended stay in the RV park on MacDill AFB.

In the meantime he wants me to put antibiotic ointment on that opening and to keep it covered with fresh band aides each day after I shower.

After getting home and having a chance to look a little bit closer at my nose, I noticed some other smaller openings in the lower section. However, since the surgeon didn’t say anything about that area when I saw him today, I’ll assume that this is normal for now and will heal over time.

After a few weeks while away at my brother’s house, if I don’t like my progress and feel a need to call the surgeon to discuss my concerns, I may decide to ultimately drive back (if necessary) to Tampa to see the surgeon before driving out again for the second leg of my trip to my other brother’s home in Orlando.

For the moment, I will just have to wait things out a bit and let the healing process continue.



24 thoughts on “The Big Reveal

  1. Don’t hesitate to get a second opinion if you aren’t happy, Gary. I am addicted to the plastic surgery series Botched and I notice they use medical leeches on areas of skin that don’t look healthy or aren’t recovering well. Wishing you the very best, Gary. K x


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