Mummy In His Cript

MaDill Inn photo taken from the pier across the street.

Still view as seen from my hotel room window. See Tampa Bay and city skyline in the distance.

RV now in temporary storage.

Never fails. As I was putting back on the top cover on the bed of my truck after moving my Rv into storage, I cut myself (deep gash on my left thigh) from hitting a sharp piece of metal protruding from my hitch. Blood was gushing out until I could apply a pressure dressing. Like I need more scars!

Not a pretty site. Concerned about the large space going down my nose. Seems like whatever the surgeon was concerned with on the upper portion of my nose has done the same thing further down? Also, seems like there’s an opening between my facial skin and left corner of my nose (as seen from the viewer). Not sure if this is normal or if the skin is actually separating there as well? Again…really don’t know what is normal healing and what might be problematic. I’m a mess and so over all these medical issues these past 6 months. Really anxious to see the surgeon again on Monday to hear what he has to say about all this.

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