Appointment With Surgeon Today was a Rip Off!

When I met with my surgeon today he confirmed that the separation of the skin down my nose and at the corner of where the left portion of my nose meets my cheek was not optimim. He did say however if you want to look at it positively, that the worse that could happened in those areas already took place and that it wouldn’t get any more worse. The surgeon said that putting in any stiches now when my nose and face are still swollen is not going to help the situation or to promote quicker healing, but he felt that over the course of the next month or so those areas may heal on their own. However, if still problematic he indicated he could easily fix those areas with a revision surgical procedure which he would set up (if warranted) when I return to see him on May 1. He said noses are a difficult area to treat and can often take several procedural tweaks to get things just right. What he did say which was the most important thing is that the cartilage that was extracted from my ear to use for my nose seemed to take well, which for now is the most critical factor. Had this failed, the entire left side of my nose where the grafting was done could have caved in, which definitely wouldn’t have been good.

So for the next month or so I will have to sit and wait and allow things to continue to heal and see what will come of all this when I return back to the surgeon on May 1. Who Nose? ( a small bit of humor)!

I hate the thought that these revisions could drag on into the summer months which won’t be fun. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see and hope that it will only involve minimal revisions in the future.

So what really upset me today when I went to my surgeon, was the nurse who “ripped me off!” When I got into the exam room awaiting the surgeon to arrive, this male nurse who didn’t have the best bedside manners proceeded to remove my bandages. However, rather than being gentle on the removal he just ripped them off, which ended up pulling off half the skin on the right side of my face and also hurting some of the good skin to the left upper side of my face as well! These areas started to bleed profusely and sting. He didn’t like it when I told him he needed to be gentler (more careful) when doing band aide removals in the future. He just stated in a “cocky” tone that has been removing dressings for years and know how to do this. I came back to him by saying ” Well obviously you haven’t been doing it properly for years and might need some additional training !”

So I ended up leaving the doctor’s office today in worst shape than when I walked in with my face now stinging all over and with more ugly wounds to have to heal.

See photo below:

Since no new sutures were warranted today and since the surgeon wanted to wait for one month before I see him again, I decided to drive the 6 1/2 hour trip up to my younger brother’s home which is also where my mother lives in The Fort Walton Beach area rather than to go to my older brother and sister in law’s home in Orlando. I will most likely stay my entire 30 days here in Fort Walton Beach rather than to be a bother and to disrupt the lives of my older brother and sister in law in Orlando who seem to have too many other important things to focus on right now rather than to have visitors.

About all for now. Safe and sound and now at my younger brother’s home just praying to heal quickly.

Luv, Gary

17 thoughts on “Appointment With Surgeon Today was a Rip Off!

  1. Oh Gary, I am so sorry to hear that the nurse was so rough and insensitive, and you had to suffer pain and discomfort when it was definitely out of order! The good news is that the cartilage is taking well, and hopefully, by May 1, the healing will progress to your satisfaction. I hope you get a good rest in your brother’s home, and staying there, among loving family, especially delightful Pani Stacia, will lift your spirits.
    Sending blessings your way, as always!


    • Thanks Jodi. Yes he was! It’s upsetting enough having this screwed up nose and cheek, but now having these other raw skin irritations (that really sting) is not what I really needed right now! I’m freaking out enough about my current looks that I wouldn’t even make a stop at a rest stop on my 6 1/2 hr drive yesterday. I am so uncomfortable to be out in public right now. This healing and possible need for revision later is too stressful and way too long I hope it ends up being all worth it.


    • Yep. He was not very compassionate and didn’t even apologize! I really didn’t need the additional raw skin irritations on my face. My messed up nose, cheek and ear is enough to stress me out and to make me feel uncomfortable to go out in public right now. I wouldn’t even make a quick stop to a rest room at a rest stop on my 6 1/2 ,hour drive yesterday. I know it might be silly but I feel ike a freak in the circus with everyone stirring at me!


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