57 + 96 = 153 Years

Hey All,

Today Saturday, March 30th is my younger brother Randy’s 57 th birthday. My mother Stacia, celebrated her 96 th birthday on March 13 th.

Since I am here visiting with them for a few weeks, I picked up a birthday cake, a nice house plant and treated them both to a dinner on me at the Texas Roadhouse this evening in honor of their birthdays.

Nice to have a chance to honor family members on their special day especially when I have an opportunity to be here in person!

15 thoughts on “57 + 96 = 153 Years

    • Thanks Cindy. She certainly has aged well at 96 years young. She is the last surviving member of her family 9 siblings and all brother and sister in laws on both sides (hers and my fathers) are all gone as


    • Yep. I was the designated driver since I was treating my Mom and brother to a meal and drinks. I had water. The cake was completely gone within one day! I think I played the biggest part on making it disappear!

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