Today Was Groundhog Day For Me

Hey everyone although today isn’t February 2 it was Groundhog Day for me.

I had my follow on appointment with my plastic surgeon to ascertain the progress and my recovery from my nose surgery which occurred exactly 6 weeks ago tomorrow.

This is what I look like now without my bandages.

The surgeon was pleased with my progress so far, but because he could see my shadow in the incision of my nose and cheek, he determined that just like the famous groundhog that could see his shadow when he emerged from his hiding hole indicating that there would be 6 more weeks of winter, the surgeon too wants to wait another 6 weeks for the incisions on my cheek and nose to heal more before I undergo revision surgery to make everything perfect.

The surgeon said that waiting longer and not rushing doing the revision now would lead to a more positive outcome. So, for the moment, just like the ground hog who needed to be patient for another 6 weeks, I will have to go back into my hole and continue to cover my nose with dressings for the next 6 weeks to protect my skin and promote more healing.

The surgeon said when he does the revision which is scheduled for June 10th he will cut back into my nose along the incision to remove some of the fatty tissue which will help smooth things out and then he’ll re-stich both sides of the skin on my nose so that it can heal once again and become smoother.

Plastic surgeries on noses are very difficult and it can usually take a whole year of small revisions before things look just right. I guess I will have to be patient and realize that I’m a work in progress. Who “nose” how it’ll all turn out? I guess we’ll have to all wait and see.

As I think about all this….I might not actually be perfectly healed until sometime after Ground Hog Day 2020!

Below is a video with some fun facts about groundhogs for your interest and enjoyment.

Have a great evening.

Hail, Hail The Gang’s All Here (See surprise guest at end of video) !

Hey everyone….Finally got Frenchall my babies back! My parkplants were well taken care of these last 30 days by Susan my friend from the gym and also from my French brother Marco.

Then early this afternoon as I was returning from my morning workout, both my former next door neighbors in the other section of the park one couple when Terry was still alive and my other next door neighbors over in thrr there from last year,0 simultaneously showed back up to this section of the RV park to scope out a suitable spot for their RVs. Both of these couples will move their RVs over here tomorrow. Will be nice to have some neighbors here that I’ve known for awhile.

Have a great upcoming week.


High In The Sky – A Memory

The 2nd video was the one actually done by Terry exactly 2 years ago. About a minute into the video you will see Terry’s smiling face on the Dumbo ride and later on you’ll see him on the ferris wheel. Brings back fond memories. After a loved one passes, sometimes just the little things you see in life (like the Ferris Wheel at this carnival) re-triggers the emotions and reminds you of the void.

Okay so while I was writing this blog draft last night as tears rolled down my face…I stepped outside my RV and to my surprise this little frog that seems to magically visit me just at the right time when my emotions are high gave me some comfort that all will be well. This little frog I truly believe is a sign from Terry. It seems to visit me (as it has in the past) just when I need him to visit the most. “The power of the Spirit of our loved ones” !

Have a great weekend.

Luv, Gary

My Brother and Sister-in-Law’s Beautiful Back Yard and Some Other Stuff.

Tonight for dinner we had fresh home made lasagna, a wonderful garden salad and fine red wine. For dessert we had home made apple pie.The jury is still out as to which homemade lasagna was better. Randy’s last week or Jan and Gail’s this evening?

Jan and Gail’s Lasagna above and my brother Randy’s below.

All I can say for now is that both of the above beat my TV diners! Back to reality tomorrow when I return back home to Tampa! LoL



Easter Dinner with Family and Friends

Yesterday on Easter Sunday “Beau” was invited by my brother Jan and my sister-in-law Gail to join us for Easter Dinner.

It was a beautiful day here in sunny Florida.

Beau as usual arrived with gifts. Easter cards for myself and for my brother and his wife, a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a lovely dessert.

Jan started the day off the day right by pouring us all a shot of his home made lemoncello which was wonderful.

A short while was first spent conversing and catching up with Beau.

This was followed by Jan being busy out on his grill cooking a wonderful roast of lamb, while Gail with the help of Beau was busy in the kitchen preparing the side dishes for dinner which included mashed potatoes, asparagus, corn on the cob and fresh rolls.

Since the weather was so nice we decided to dine outdoors on the beautiful patio.

Overall a wonderful Easter spent with family and friends.

Luv, Gary

The Annual Trailblazer Easter Party In Melbourne, FL (Sat: Apr 20, 2019)

Hey Everyone,

Happy Easter!

This is a very long, but fun post. There are a lot of videos ( 13 in all) and many still photos from the annual Trailblazers Easter Party that I attended with “Beau” on Saturday, April 20th , 2019 in Melbourne, FL

The videos and pictures tell it all. What a fun party!

I did a seperate post on one special video, that I think you all will enjoy and hopefully will bring a smile to your face on Easter Morning.