Another Birthday Passes By

Hi Fellow Bloggers,

It was exactly 59 years ago today that God blessed the Tidwell family with the birth of what would be their youngest child….”Terry”. It was also on that special day that God also brought into this world his twin sibling sister named “Sherry”. A double miracle to the Tidwell family and mankind.

Who would have ever thought that the youngest child in the Tidwell family would be the privileged one specially selected by our maker to go to the front of the line and to be the first to enter into heaven’s gates well before his other family members.

I have to look at one’s passing in a positive way. It is the only way for me to move forward in my temporary life here on this earth. Death is not the end….it is merely just one step in our lives which we all will eventually reach that ultimately transitions our soul to ever eternal life with God our maker and all our loved ones and friends that have passed before us.

Birthdays are truly just a number and although they are generally celebrated in the company of family and friends, I remember Terry often stating that as each bithday comes and goes, one is all the more closer to death. Terry was certainly right about that and he always looked at his future passing to not be the end or a bad thing but just the beginning of God calling us according to his plan to be in a much better place.

Today also marks the 2nd year anniversary of when Terry and I 1st arrived in our RV to begin residing on MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa. It was Terry’s 57th birthday at that time and we chose spot # 57 to reside in to honor his birthday. Ironically this spot also became the actual place where Terry’s spirit ascended to heaven on September 1st, 2017.

From that point going forward as you all remember from Terry’s previous blogs, it was 5 full months of constant health challenges. It was a time for Terry’s body to become much weaker by the day, but his spirit and his inner strength (and of course mine as well as his 24/7 caregiver) to become ever stronger.

Things as I always try to remind myself happen for a reason and we have to accept these realities as part of God’s ultimate plan.

We wish you a very happy 59th birthday dear “Terry” and we know your spirit is smiling down upon us as we remember your special day!

The selfie video of Terry below brings back memories from exactly 2 years ago.

With Love, Gary

15 thoughts on “Another Birthday Passes By

  1. Our sweet Terry! He will never know the huge impact of love he had on my life! Thank you for honoring him Gary! I can only imagine the feelings you are having today thinking of him. This is a beautiful post about a beautiful man written by another beautiful man! Love ya!


  2. Thank you for opening your heart to us on this day and always, Gary! I am sure the beautiful and valiant soul of a dear person who was Terry when he was with us is smiling down upon you every time we click to view this precious video.
    Much love and many blessings to you!


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