My Daily Work Outs on Eglin AFB

Hey All,

While I’ve been away at my brother’s home in Crestview, FL (near Fort Walton Beach/Destin) I have tried to continue to consistently go to the gym each day for a workout. The gym on Eglin AFB is about a 30 to 40 mile ride from my brother’s house, so not right around the corner from me like on MacDill AFB, but the longer distance has not stopped me. As I mentioned in previous posts…I am a gym rat by nature!

As you can see in the video, my nose is all bandaged up to cover some of my ugly wounds. I am really hating the ongoing recovery process after my nose surgery. This has been much more involved than the I originally anticipated. I thought that after my March 12th surgery I’d be as good as new 6 weeks later. That’s not the case. Plastic surgery on the nose is difficult and the healing and back to some normalcy can take well over a year! This will be a bit more complicated in my case as I will need a revision surgery or two to undergo over the next several months when I get back to Tampa, as the incision down my nose has not fused well. I am really hating all this and it is definitely going to curtail attending a lot of social events this Spring and Summer, as I am just too sensitive about the way I look right now to meet new people or to get involved with any other new groups. I anticipate my next stay on MacDill to be a bit boring since, I’ll have a tendency to just want to keep to myself and not get out as much as I’ve done in the past. I just want all these medical issues and surgeries that I’ve had over the past 8 months to STOP!! I am so over all this!

A couple picks of how I’m looking after 5 weeks of recovery, as you can see…not very good.

Enjoy this second video as well. I saw some military folks undergoing some agility training in one of the basket ball courts in the gym as I was leaving, so I decided to go get my cell phone that was in my truck and go back in to take a short video clip.

Now the main reason I’ve been going to the gym is because I’ve been eating way too much at my brother Randy’s home. Just look at my plate below which was the meal waiting for me when I returned back from the gym late Sunday afternoon. Chicken breast stuffed with pepperoni, ham and motzeralla cheese, seasoned with Italian herbs and breadcrumbs and sides consisting of mixed roasted red amd golden new potatoes and a medley of zucchini, summer squash and sweet onions. Then..2 heaping bowls of ice cream afterwards! Plus..getting up in the middle of the night for snacks!

Soon, l’ll be returning home and it’ll be back to TV dinners for me. I’m a simple cook. Less fuss and mess in the kitchen the better.

Have a great day.


17 thoughts on “My Daily Work Outs on Eglin AFB

  1. That stuffed chicken breast looks spectacular – my compliments to the chef!
    I am glad to hear that you still go to the gym regularly; that’s important not only for your body, but also for your spirit which seems to be down due to this long and tedious recovery process. I am so sorry about that, dear friend, but I have a suggestion for you: how about you get yourself a Phantom of the Opera mask and attend social events as a “Mysterious Stranger”? That should get you a lot of attention and positive feedback!
    Just kidding, of course, and wishing you speedy recovery, Gary!
    Many blessings going your way…

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  2. My uncle had a cancer removed on his face about 15 years ago. It took some months to heal but I haven’t noticed the scars for years. That dinner looked much better than TV dinners!


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