On The Road Again

Hey All,

It’s Good Friday and in a few hours I’ll be on the road again. Will be making the 7 hour drive from my brother Randy’s home in Crestview, FL to my other brother Jan’s and sister-in-law Gail’s house in Oviedo, Fl (near Orlando).

Will stay in Oviedo until next Wednesday, 4/24. My brother Jan will follow me back to Tampa on that morning and help me hitch, move, un-hitch, level and set up my RV for another stay on MacDill Air Force Base.

As my mother always says about herself (my brother’s and I really don’t know why?)…”I feel like a gypsy…going from place to place”. I guess somewhere in her mind she remembers that after her husband (my father) died over 10 years ago, we used to have her stay with one of us in the fall/winter months and then bring her back to her home in Massachusetts for the Spring and Summer. However, for the last several years, she has now been permanently settled at my younger brother Randy’s house and her home in Massachusetts is now sold and no longer anything we need to worry about anymore.

As for me…yes I guess I am a gypsy…going from place to place. Someday I’ll figure out what will be best for me, but for now I’m content and try to just live one day at time and work around my current medical challenges.

The truck is fueled and ready for the trip this morning and soon after finishing my healthy breakfast I’ll be on the road! Randy’s neighbor, Lucy brought over these wonderful donuts to me yesterday as a going away present. I did not workout on Thursday and will not be working out for the next few days.

The donuts were given to me at noon yesterday:

As of 7 Am this morning…look what’s left!

Oh well…guess I got hungry thru the middle of the night! So no need for me to make any food fuel stops on the trip this morning!

Have a great Easter Weekend!

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