Easter Dinner with Family and Friends

Yesterday on Easter Sunday “Beau” was invited by my brother Jan and my sister-in-law Gail to join us for Easter Dinner.

It was a beautiful day here in sunny Florida.

Beau as usual arrived with gifts. Easter cards for myself and for my brother and his wife, a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a lovely dessert.

Jan started the day off the day right by pouring us all a shot of his home made lemoncello which was wonderful.

A short while was first spent conversing and catching up with Beau.

This was followed by Jan being busy out on his grill cooking a wonderful roast of lamb, while Gail with the help of Beau was busy in the kitchen preparing the side dishes for dinner which included mashed potatoes, asparagus, corn on the cob and fresh rolls.

Since the weather was so nice we decided to dine outdoors on the beautiful patio.

Overall a wonderful Easter spent with family and friends.

Luv, Gary

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