High In The Sky – A Memory

The 2nd video was the one actually done by Terry exactly 2 years ago. About a minute into the video you will see Terry’s smiling face on the Dumbo ride and later on you’ll see him on the ferris wheel. Brings back fond memories. After a loved one passes, sometimes just the little things you see in life (like the Ferris Wheel at this carnival) re-triggers the emotions and reminds you of the void.

Okay so while I was writing this blog draft last night as tears rolled down my face…I stepped outside my RV and to my surprise this little frog that seems to magically visit me just at the right time when my emotions are high gave me some comfort that all will be well. This little frog I truly believe is a sign from Terry. It seems to visit me (as it has in the past) just when I need him to visit the most. “The power of the Spirit of our loved ones” !

Have a great weekend.

Luv, Gary

9 thoughts on “High In The Sky – A Memory

  1. Gosh, that video just brought back a flood of memories of Terry. I remember when he posted this. I am thinking of you dear friend. Your little tree frog is adorable. Heading off to Scotland soon as my last uncle died a couple of days ago after a long battle with cancer. K x


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