Today Was Groundhog Day For Me

Hey everyone although today isn’t February 2 it was Groundhog Day for me.

I had my follow on appointment with my plastic surgeon to ascertain the progress and my recovery from my nose surgery which occurred exactly 6 weeks ago tomorrow.

This is what I look like now without my bandages.

The surgeon was pleased with my progress so far, but because he could see my shadow in the incision of my nose and cheek, he determined that just like the famous groundhog that could see his shadow when he emerged from his hiding hole indicating that there would be 6 more weeks of winter, the surgeon too wants to wait another 6 weeks for the incisions on my cheek and nose to heal more before I undergo revision surgery to make everything perfect.

The surgeon said that waiting longer and not rushing doing the revision now would lead to a more positive outcome. So, for the moment, just like the ground hog who needed to be patient for another 6 weeks, I will have to go back into my hole and continue to cover my nose with dressings for the next 6 weeks to protect my skin and promote more healing.

The surgeon said when he does the revision which is scheduled for June 10th he will cut back into my nose along the incision to remove some of the fatty tissue which will help smooth things out and then he’ll re-stich both sides of the skin on my nose so that it can heal once again and become smoother.

Plastic surgeries on noses are very difficult and it can usually take a whole year of small revisions before things look just right. I guess I will have to be patient and realize that I’m a work in progress. Who “nose” how it’ll all turn out? I guess we’ll have to all wait and see.

As I think about all this….I might not actually be perfectly healed until sometime after Ground Hog Day 2020!

Below is a video with some fun facts about groundhogs for your interest and enjoyment.

Have a great evening.

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