My Extended Family Is Growing!

Hey Bloggers,

You all know that I have 2 biological brothers, (Jan and Randy).

I also have one sister-in-law (Gail) my brother Jan’s wife.

I also have a 96 year old mother (Stacia).

In addition have 1 niece and 1 great niece and nephew (offspring of my brother Jan)

I have no biological children of my own.

However, when Terry and I got married, I gained 3 step children (Timothy, Tyler and TJ)

Timothy in his first marriage had a son (Logan) now 9 years old and several years ago Timothy found out that he had another child from a former girlfriend (Piper) whose now 14 years old.

Recently my youngest step son (TJ) and his wife told me they were expecting a baby boy this comming September.

My middle step son (Tyler) and his wife (Tanesia) have no children.

Got a call last week from my oldest step son (Timothy). He told me he was getting remarried to a women with 3 children from a previous marriage ages 8, 12 and 28.

Of course, I also have 2 mother’s-in-law (Mary and Jan) and 1 father-in-law (Don), 2 brother’s-in-law (Larry and Mike), 1 sister-in-law (Sherri) and now 6 step nieces and nephfews and 8 great step nieces and nephews.

You also know I have a sister from another mother (Beau) from Melbourne, FL.

In addition you know I have a French brother from another mother (Marco) and now that his Italian wife has arrived to Tampa, I have a new Italian sister from another mother (Rosaria).

Marco and Rosaria are the two to the left in the photo.

So what’s the tally ?

2 biological brothers

1 sister-in-law (from my side of the family)

1 mother

1 niece and 1 great niece and nephew (offspring from my brother Jan)

3 step sons

3 step daughter’s-in-law

5 step grandchildren (and one on the way)

2 mother’s-in-law (Terry’s side)

1 father-in-law

2 brother’s-in-law (Terry’s side) and their wives

1 sister-in-law and her husband

2 sisters from another mother

1 brother from another mother

And of course 6 step nieces and nephfews and 8 great nephfews and nieces from Terry’s siblings.

So, as you can see my family is growing….and I didn’t do any of the work biologically!

Luv, Gary

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